Insultec heat reflective coatings from Solar Cool are a proven and practical way to achieve lower internal temperatures by up to 20.7°C and restore the roof in one step.

Applied by the professionals at Solar Cool, the heat reflective membrane is applied in the form of a liquid reflective paint. Heat reflective coatings are particularly effective on metal roofing, with large commercial buildings significantly benefiting from the reduction in heat radiated from the metal roof into the building’s interior.

Tests conducted in some of the most extreme conditions around the world have shown remarkable results. Prior to application of Insultec, heat reflective coating system, a large industrial building with a metal roof in Brisbane, Queensland, was displaying a temperature of 55.8°C on the underside of the roofing. After the roof was coated with the heat reflective paint the temperature was measured at 38°C, significantly dropping the internal temperature by as much as 20.7°C.

Insultec heat reflective coating is a co-polymer compound and contains special filters and pigments that successfully re-radiate 90% of the infrared and 85% of the ultraviolet rays received from the sun back up into the atmosphere.

As the heat reflective coating is applied in liquid form it also seals and bridges gaps in the roofing, as well as enhancing the look of the roof.

The flexibility and durability of the membrane ensures resistance to water, salt water spray, carbon dioxide and many other forms of pollutants, providing an ideal solution for restoration requirements.

The Insultec roof insulation process is backed by a 10 year guarantee.