When the temperature outside goes up, so do cooling costs. The weather can’t be controlled, buts its effects on a roof can. The emission of harmful UV rays and ultra violent light on a roof over time can take a tremendous toll. These emissions cause high cooling and air conditioning costs, damage to the roof itself, and even underlying structural damage if left unaddressed. Using a heat reflective paint like SolarCool during initial construction or even during roof repairs can eliminate costly damage and repairs.

Heat reflective paint is made of co-polymers and pigments that are flexible and heat resistant, allowing the paint to serve as a barrier protecting roofs and other surfaces from harmful sunrays, rain damage, and leaking. SolarCool’s ability to reduce summer cooling costs by 61% and lower the internal temperature of your building by 47% is just amazing.

Even for an older roof, the use of the heat reflective paint, SolarCool can still combat scorching summer temperatures and existing damage. It’s never too late to take action to protect a building. One of the great things about heat reflective paint is that it can adhere to almost any surface and be used as both a metal roof insulation and flat roof insulation. Metal roofs see great results with the use of heat reflective paint since they are normally made from aluminum, zinc, and other metals that are susceptible to high heat transfer.

When protecting a roof, you need a heat reflective paint product that will last just as long as your roof. SolarCool paint contains no ceramics which means that it will not lose its effectiveness. Having a heat reflective paint that won’t crack or peel is important and the flexibility of Insultec allows it to naturally stretch and not become damaged.

No matter the location, using SolarCool heat reflective paint can protect a roof from damage. Whether the building is new or old, has flat roofing or metal roofing, SolarCool can be easily applied, saving energy costs and preventing costly repairs in the long run.