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    Fire performance guide to timber cladding

    Timber cladding is an increasingly popular choice for commercial and domestic projects across Australia. In spite of this, its strong fire-resistant qualities are not widely known. To learn more about the fire resistance properties of timber and how these make it the prefect fit for today’s fire conscious Australian construction industry, download this free whitepaper.

    The Politics of Space: Tactile Ground Surface Indicators and the Benefits of Hardwearing Solutions

    Tactile Ground Surface Indicators are one way in which designers can hep provide physical autonomy to the growing number of blind or vision-impaired Australians. However, like many areas of A+D, the product offerings in this area do not always live up to expectations, reducing safety and the efficacy of TGSIs as a mobility aid. Download the free whitepaper, The Politics of Space: Tactile Ground Surface Indicators and the Benefits of Hardwearing Solutions, to find out more.

    Building healthier, natural interior spaces with timber

    Globally, the ability to affect health and wellbeing through the built environment is becoming increasingly important for both designers and consumers. The combined desire to achieve elevated outcomes without compromising on design is encouraging more and more people to turn to the natural biophilic benefits of timber. Download this white paper to learn about the health benefits of using natural materials and the particular advantage of timber.

    Design, meet durability: Introducing a new generation of rigid vinyl planks

    Wood plastic composite (WPC) vinyl planks are quickly becoming one of the most popular flooring options in building projects worldwide. The design and construction industry is developing the next generation of rigid vinyl plank solutions to address critical performance issues, which use a stone plastic composite (SPC) to deliver performance where WPC falls short. Download this whitepaper for a closer look at how SPC rigid vinyl planks stack up against WPC as a complete flooring solution.

    Effective car park design for tomorrow's dense cities

    With rising urban populations and increasing rates of car ownership, the demand for multi-residential developments in our already crowded cities through multi-storey car parks are becoming a valued feature of the urban environment. In light of this growing demand, today’s designers must equip themselves with the knowledge to enable safe and effective car park design. Download Effective Car Park Design For Tomorrow’s Dense Cities to find out more.

    Breaking down the barriers: A closer look at increased solar adoption

    Australians are becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues, fuelling demand for solar solutions. The country has emerged as a global leader in solar power, but the industry nonetheless faces barriers inhibiting consumers’ conversion to solar. Download this whitepaper to learn about the rise of solar power in Australia and how design solutions are overcoming perceived hurdles to its widespread adoption.

    Beyond face value: Understanding requirements for external cladding

    In recent years, the Lacrosse and Grenfell tower fires have shaken the global design and construction industry to action. Code-compliant external cladding can save lives; so it is critical for designers and specifiers to develop a clear understanding of the complex performance requirements imposed by the National Construction Code in Australia. Download this whitepaper for a clear and incisive summary of the key requirements for external cladding systems and what they mean for you.

    Top of the class: A specifier's guide to flooring in educational environments

    As Australia’s existing education infrastructure struggles under the demands of a growing population, designers and specifiers are looking to equip themselves with the knowledge necessary to tackle an influx of education projects. To learn about the key considerations of flooring in educational spaces, download this free whitepaper.

    Understanding the sustainability outcomes of insulated concrete forms

    As the construction industry searches for ways to address growing concern over climate change and energy usage, methodologies and systems that approach sustainability holistically are gaining ground. To learn how insulated concrete forms target climate change and energy usage directly, download this whitepaper.

    Air barriers: Helping improve moisture control in buildings

    Across all sectors of the construction industry, condensation is a major cause of building damage. In spite of this, its potential for harm is frequently overlooked, often with disastrous consequences. To learn more about condensation and how improved weather tightness can protect your next project from moisture related damage, download this free whitepaper.

    A specifier's guide to selecting weatherboard

    Often regarded as the prototypical Australian residential cladding, weatherboards are a staple of heritage and contemporary projects across the country. New technologies have significantly improved their performance over time, making them suitable for a breadth of applications and installation environments. To learn more about weatherboards and best practice for their specification, download this free whitepaper.

    A specifier's guide to: Ceiling grids above indoor swimming pools

    As the popularity of indoor pools continues to rise, designers must equip themselves with the skills and knowledge necessary to delivering healthy, successful pools and pool surrounds. To learn how ceiling grids can enhance pool environments via proper circulation and ease of maintenance, download this whitepaper.

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