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    Case study: Queen's Wharf, Brisbane

    Brisbane’s skyline is evolving with the $3.6 billion Queen’s Wharf project, featuring residential apartments, luxury hotels, a casino, retail spaces, and public areas. CSR’s innovative solutions, including Rondo’s steel framing, Cemintel’s cladding, and Gyprock’s fire and acoustic systems, ensured structural integrity and aesthetic appeal, showcasing CSR’s expertise and collaborative power in construction.

    Mastering the outdoors: How Dekton creates beautifully durable and continuous outdoor spaces

    Each element in an exterior environment requires careful consideration of materials and design. This includes driveways, walkways, promenades, balconies, pools and surrounding areas, outdoor countertops and furniture. Whether the surface bears the weight of vehicles going up and down each day, is used for outdoor cooking or dining, or is a purely decorative feature.

    Ceiling grid systems for Healthcare: Choosing the right ceiling in the right space

    Suspended grid ceilings are particularly suited to hospital facilities, given their functional versatility. A properly designed ceiling system that is responsive to the unique needs of healthcare staff and patients can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of care and create optimal conditions for healing.

    Art of entrance control: Benefits of speedgates for commercial environments & public spaces

    For architects and designers, designing a secure building entrance is as much about enhancing the user experience as it is about mitigating threats. In this area, speedgates have gained significant traction in recent years due to their balance of efficiency, security and aesthetics.

    Human-centric lighting: Lighting integration options for metal ceilings

    The design of lighting goes beyond just visual appeal; it profoundly influences our mental and physical health. Overlooking the importance of lighting in our surroundings can result in inadequate designs that disturb the human circadian rhythm, potentially harming the overall wellbeing of occupants.

    Insulation solutions for retail, hospitality and entertainment: A holistic and sustainable approach to enhancing customer experience

    Whether you are designing a sprawling shopping centre, an opulent hotel, or a new cinema complex, the physical environment plays a critical role in the comfort of customers and their perception of the space. Effective building insulation can help manage indoor noise levels, temperature, condensation, and the maintenance of indoor air quality, all of which help improve the customer experience.

    Industrial handrails for water industries: Guidance on material selection for durability, compliance

    A rusted handrail is not only an eyesore, but it is also a safety risk. With the right materials, compliant handrails can keep workers safe over the long-term and help organisations avoid liability. Corrosive environments, such as those found in water industry facilities, require designers and specifiers to take extra care when specifying railing systems.

    Designing with acoustic ceiling baffles: A versatile solution for controlling noise and reverberation

    The design of the ceiling holds considerable sway over the noise levels, reverberation times, and clarity of speech in a space. When the objective is to create a well-balanced acoustic environment without compromising on aesthetics, acoustic ceiling baffles should be in every designer’s toolbox.

    Boreal beauty: A guide to Nordic softwood

    Nordic softwood has gained recognition and popularity in Australia for its availability and accessibility, exceptional quality and sustainability. Considering the declining supply of traditional Australian native hardwoods and the demand for sustainable alternatives, it is important for practitioners to understand the benefits of specifying Nordic softwood and its suitability for a range of interior and exterior applications.

    Guide to cleanroom flooring design

    Cleanrooms are essential in a growing number of industries to safeguard manufacturing operations and the quality of components, ensure the integrity of scientific research and maintain high levels of hygiene in healthcare settings. Some of the industries where you will find cleanrooms include pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and high technology.

    Defining "luxury" in modern kitchen design

    At its core, luxury is centred around the idea of exclusivity—the idea that only a very limited number of people will be able to experience what a product, service or brand has to offer. While this feeling is typically evoked through a perception of quality, comfort and elegance, the term “luxury” is evolving to reflect the preferences of today’s conscious consumer.

    Selection guide for thermally modified wood species

    The diverse range of timber species available presents both opportunities and challenges, with significant variations in looks, performance and supply. While different types of wood exhibit varying levels of suitability for specific uses in their natural state, thermal modification enhances their durability, elevating their quality and aesthetic appeal.

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