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    Case study: North Melbourne Primary School

    Located on the land of Bunurong Boon Wurrung and Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung peoples of the Eastern Kulin Nation in North Melbourne, North Melbourne Primary School is an educational facility with a difference. The design needed to cater to the multi-functional nature of learning spaces while providing high acoustic performance, all without compromising on appealing and exciting aesthetics.

    Fire ratings acoustic linings: Exploring the key requirements and design considerations

    In interior environments, acoustic linings are becoming a common design feature as a way to dampen sound levels while providing a healthy and aesthetically pleasing space. However, due to their porous or perforated nature, some acoustic linings are more fire-prone than others, so obtaining an approved fire certificate or Performance Solution is crucial.

    Aesthetic acoustics: A guide for balanced design

    In the past, designer solutions focused on style and aesthetics. Now, with growing awareness of the impact of the built environment on human health and sustainability, designers are prioritising one of the key parameters for a positive indoor environment: acoustics.

    Designing a cost-effective kitchen: Combining functionality and aesthetics on a budget

    Recent industry surveys demonstrate that the kitchen is the most popular room in the house to renovate, as well as commanding the highest spend. In light of today’s rising construction costs and cost of living crisis, a major concern for architects, designers and homeowners is finding ways to reduce building costs without compromising aesthetics or performance.

    Fire protection in heritage buildings: Navigating the challenges of adaptive reuse

    There are many heritage buildings in Australia, each with a distinct cultural and historical significance. The best way to preserve heritage buildings is to adapt and reuse them in new and sustainable ways. However, adapting heritage properties has become more complex due to concerns about fire safety and compliance.

    Specifying Novawood products in residential projects

    Historically, timber has been used for residential construction because of its easy maintenance, weight-to-strength ratio, inherent durability, and natural look. However, with the market’s increased focus on cost savings, efficiency and sustainability, specifiers are shifting toward more technologically advanced timber products like Novawood Technology.

    Redefining the modern residential kitchen: Design considerations for a human-centred, multi-functional kitchen space

    More than just spaces for food and family gatherings, kitchens are now makeshift work spaces, spaces for entertaining, and sometimes even a place for peaceful solitude. Owners are spending $20,000 on average to re-do their kitchens, so it is important to understand what it takes to bring the space up to modern standards.

    Bike barriers on off-road and shared paths: A specifier’s guide to design and compliance

    The efficient movement of people and goods is a fundamental characteristic of a prosperous city. Planning for an effective and sustainable transportation network is necessary to support continued economic growth and rising urban populations.

    Combustible cladding and the state of facade design

    To this day, the Australian construction industry is still feeling the repercussions of the Lacrosse and Grenfell tower fires. A nationwide investigation as to the extent of combustible cladding on Australian buildings followed shortly thereafter, highlighting a widespread problem across the industry.

    Sustainability eBook 2023: BlueScope

    In 2023, BlueScope was the proud sponsor of the Lifetime Achievement category. Discover the category winners and read the Q&A with Kate Cotter from the Resilient Building Council, BlueScope’s sustainability journey and about how certifications such as EPDs, Global GreenTag, & RESPONSIBLESTEEL™ ensure credible sustainable products.

    Built for durability and style: A specifier’s guide to anodised aluminium grates

    Homeowners and builders are increasingly selecting anodised aluminium grates as their preferred drainage option for water waste. They offer more robust protection for architectural applications and an elegant and sustainable option for drainage systems in showers and bathrooms, balconies and swimming pools.

    Steel roofing & cladding in coastal environments: Navigating key challenges while maintaining design flexibility

    Buildings and other infrastructure close to the ocean can experience issues due to the aggressive, corrosive environment. While the rate of deterioration varies among metal roofs and walls, without the right protection, they can succumb to the effects of humidity and salty sea air.

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