Heat reflective paint is available in a range of different formulas, some contain ceramics and some do not. Tests have shown that heat reflective coatings containing ceramics can become up to 30% less effective within just one year.

Insultec heat reflective paint, available from Solar Cool , is a co-polymer compound containing special pigments and filters that are capable of re-radiating 90% of infra-red and 85% of ultraviolet rays back into the atmosphere.

The heat reflective paint is sprayed on in liquid form to a thickness of 500microns, drying to create a membrane over large areas of commercial roofs. The re-radiating properties of this heat reflective coating generally have a longer life than reflective paint that contains ceramics.

Large commercial and industrial roofs constructed in metal, concrete, asbestos and other materials can benefit from an application of heat reflective paints, in more than one way. The re-radiating properties of heat reflective paint means that the amount of heat on the roof is significantly reduced, thus reducing the amount of heat transferred from the roofing material through to the interior of the building. The heat reflective paint available from Insultec can also help to repair the roofing material so that small cracks and gaps are sealed, enhancing the waterproofing of the area.

Insultec heat reflective paint is available in a range of colours and is supplied with a 10 year guarantee.

With one treatment of heat reflective paint inside temperatures can be reduced by up to 20.7oC and there will also be reduced heat loss in winter.

Insultec heat reflective paint can help to save money on cooling and heating energy bills, and will make the roof area more waterproof. The heat reflective paint will also help to improve the appearance of the building while contributing to lower green house gas emissions.

The hotter Insultec heat reflective paint gets the better it works.