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    Rotech Group Pty Ltd

    Automatic boom gate range is suitable for all commercial and industrial premises

    Rotech manufactures the Australian Made Sentinel PL boom gate and supplies a wide range of imported boom gates to fill the need for special applications.

    Sentinel AG Series 100% duty cycle DC automatic boom gates:

    • The first automatic boom gate with digital thinking
    • Advanced brushless 36V DC motor with permanent magnetic field can run up to 5000 operations per day with 100% duty cycle.
    • Able to open gates up to 6 metres with an operating time of 3-6 seconds
    • Strong elegant cabinet design houses a gearbox with machined steel gears and high-quality bearings ensuring precision movement and long life
    • Programmable flashing LED warning lights on the cabinet and the length of the boom pole ensure high visibility
    • Absolute encoder constantly monitors the speed and position of the boom pole enabling instant reversal if the pole is obstructed in any way
    • The control unit can easily and accurately handle differential opening/closing speeds
    • Easily programmed multifunction digital control unit is easily set up with large LCD display, speed control, ramp up/down and safety sensing stored in memory
    • Optional battery back up

    Sector 12vdc automatic boom gate – Optional solar power:

    • Can run for as many as 3000 operations per day.
    • Vehicle + pedestrian safety is ensured with electronic safety sensing
    • Power outages are covered with a built in battery on standby
    • Operation with the use of solar power is an option
    • The timer is programmable for every day of the year
    • A radio receiver is a standard inclusion
    • The controller with LCD display allows for quick + easy set up

    Sentinel PL heavy duty 100% duty cycle automatic boom gates:

    • Customisable Australian Made with parts + accessories easily accessible
    • In-built programmable logic controller, numerous parameters easily adjusted
    • Made to operate 4000 times a day with a duty cycle of 100%
    • Standard features include variable auto time close + delay on exit
    • Robust body built of 2mm zincanneal steel
    • Accessories of up to 3 loop detectors, warning lights and sirens can be added

    Sentinel KL heavy duty industrial boom gate for entrances up to 12 metres

    • Opens in just 12 seconds
    • The 200mm amber flashing lights ensure that the boom poles are highly visible
    • Computerised controls allow for remote access
    • A hard-wearing, versatile high quality product ideal for harsh environments

    Sentinel ES Series Industrial Boom Gates for Entrances up to 8 metres

    • German made + engineered
    • Boom poles range from 5 to 8 metres.
    • In-built with 3 loop detectors + electronic safety sensing
    • 6 relays can be programmed with 4 different operating functions
    • Numerous inputs facilitate integration with other access control equipment
    • The patented ‘Easy Control’ software allows for remote access
    • Dependable + technologically advanced
    • A corrosion warranty of 10 years 

     Sentinel CW Tyre Spikes

    • High security, high volume, fast acting barriers
    • Available in either flush mount or surface mount models
    • Warning lights and sounders to warn pedestrians 
    • Robust all-weather construction built to withstand impacts from vehicles
    • Moving parts are removable for easy maintenance
    • High visibility traffic yellow coloured spikes for increased safety
    • Reliable high-torque DC motor for responsive operation
    • Can be integrated with boom gates and traffic lights 
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