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    Rotech Group Pty Ltd

    Security + safety devices for vehicle + pedestrian access

    Prevent gates from closing on vehicles and pedestrians with PE safety beams + light curtains. Detect traffic + control vehicle access with loop detectors. 

    Light curtains + Photo Electric (PE) safety beams

    • The i5 infra-red beam through-beam has a coverage of upto 40 metres
    • With a 10 metre operating range the PC 50 PE beam uses a reflector to finalise the circuit
    • The battery powered Photon PE beam does not require power to both sides reducing labour costs.
    • In high risk areas, the Vandal Proof 910 + 920 PE beams are tough, water + dustproof
    • The FT981 vandal proof PE safety beam is designed for applications where wireless is the preferred option and is powered by 4 AA batteries.
    • With upto 8 beams + 20 metres of coverage, maximum safety is achieved with the Sentinel HR Light Curtains

    Access Control Equipment

    M2000 Controller

    • Simple + easy to use with its LCD display + integrated keypad
    • Controls a single door or gate from both sides or two single doors from one direction
    • Allows up to 2000 users

    RFID access control system - Proximity card reader, tags, cards & wristbands

    • Clamshell Card - attached to a lanyard. Print logos+ photos onto the card face
    • Key Ring Tag - the small size allows it to be attached to a key ring.
    • Silicon Wrist Band - hands free, chemical resistant + waterproof. Ideal for wet zones + food preparation areas.


    • 3G GSM mobile phone switching device + ability to switch devices on an off and receive SMS alerts.
    • Can be configured to monitor 2 electrical devices i.e. alarm or automatic gate
    • Allows up to 500 different users

    Sentinel CW Tyre Spikes

    • High security, high volume, fast acting barriers
    • Available in either flush mount or surface mount models
    • Warning lights and sounders to warn pedestrians
    • Robust all-weather construction built to withstand impacts from vehicles
    • Moving parts are removable for easy maintenance
    • High visibility traffic yellow coloured spikes for increased safety
    • Reliable high-torque DC motor for responsive operation
    • Can be integrated with boom gates and traffic lights 

    Commercial Auto Door Safety Sensors

    SafePass Domino1100 Industrial Door Activation Sensor

    • High mount (7m) high-speed industrial door activation
    • Able to differentiate between pedestrians and vehicles for increased pedestrian safety
    • Uni-directional detecting technology and large detection area enables fast moving traffic detection
    • Partial or full door opening setting possible reducing building energy losses.

    SafePass HR100-CT Uni-Directional Detection Sensors with Monitored Safety

    • Featuring infrared technology this pioneering super sensor offers automatic sliding door activation at mounting heights of up to 3m.
    • Unique “Door Learn” technology memorizes door motion allowing the safety curtain to be focused inside the moving door leaf resulting in unparalleled pedestrian safety
    • Independently adjustable door activation and 2m detection zones reduces false door activation making it ideal for sliding doors on busy high streets.
    • Intelligent uni-directional detection ability reduces door hold open time by 20% and building energy loss by 6% in a standard installation.

    Radio Controls

    NOVA remote radio transmitter

    • The NOVA system uses rolling code technology ensuring a totally random code to prevent unwanted copying
    • Compact and will fit onto a key ring.
    • Available with 1, 2, 3 or 4 buttons.

    SupaHelix multi-user radio receiver

    • The SupaHelix is used in place of the Nova for large sites with many users.
    • Up to 1000 unique 1 to 10 digit codes for greater security and versatility in a multi user
    • Control three channels
    • Large memory – stores up to 10,000 remote buttons

    LX long range receivers & transmitters

    • 500m line of sight receivers with 1-6 button transmitters
    • Reliable receiver has all the features and performance to suit any ultra long range switching application.
    • There are two versions a 1 channel and a 4 channel. 
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