Pasco Construction Solutions currently have three different Tremco - Vulkem polyurethane membranes available for purchase.

Tremco - Vulkem 350-R/451
This waterproofing system combines a flexible and durable urethane basecoat and an ultra violet and ozone resistant topcoat to produce an elastomeric and waterproof seamless coating. This coating allows for normal movement without surface cracking and is much easier to apply compared with the standard two component products.

Tremco - Vulkem 350-R/451 polyurethane membranes are sag resistant, withstand ponding water and can be applied on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. This product can be used for waterproofing and protecting roof decks, exposed panels and walk decks constructed from metal, concrete and plywood.

Tremco - Vulkem 350-SL/351
This waterproofing system is made up of a tough curing liquid polyurethane which cures to form a rubber membrane surface. This surface is long lasting, aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean. With the addition of an aggregate laden top membrane it becomes a non skid surface for pedestrian traffic.

These polyurethane membranes can be applied to smooth concrete, well anchored and primed wood and to primed metal surfaces. This product is mainly used for pedestrian areas such as plazas, decks, roof terraces, balconies and mechanical equipment rooms.

Tremco - Vulkem Non-Exposed
This waterproofing system is a tough curing polyurethane membrane with moisture curing high tensile strength. When cured it forms a rubber membrane surface that provides a watertight substrate. These polyurethane membranes can be applied to concrete substrates, AC compressed sheeting and well anchored and primed timber decks.

Application of this product is by means of conventional equipment and tools or spray equipment and it comes with easy to follow instructions. These polyurethane membranes can be used on wet areas, laundries, roof terraces, kitchens, decks, balconies and shower recesses.