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    Pasco Construction Solutions

    Waterproofing membranes from pasco for internal and external applications

    Pasco offers an extensive range of waterproofing membranes to suit a variety of applications for both large and small projects. The Waterproofing Membranes come in liquid, sheet and negative options.

    Ideal for waterproofing internal and external wet areas Pasco offer Liquid Membranes for specific requirements and environments

    • Acrylic Membranes
    • Polyurethane Membranes
    • Cementitious Membranes
    • Bitumen Membranes

    For seamless and durable waterproofing solutions, Pasco Liquid Membranes are fast curing with superior adhesion

    • UV stable
    • Levels of flexibility of up to >750% elongation
    • Easy to apply
    • Excellent adhesion properties to concrete, masonry bricks, concrete blocks, cement sheets, plasterboard and timber

    Liquid Membranes prevent surface water penetration and cater for limited floor movement, suitable for the following applications:

    • Shower recesses
    • Laundries
    • Under tiles in bathrooms
    • Roofs
    • Balconies
    • Decks
    • Terraces
    • Walkways
    • Plant rooms
    • Retaining walls

    The range of Pasco Liquid Membranes includes the following products:

    • Aquaproof 201FR
    • Aquaproof 201PU
    • Pasco Aquaproof 110
    • Pasco Aquaproof 115
    • Pasco Aquaproof 202
    • Aquaproof 301BL

    Sheet Membranes from Pasco offer a waterproofing solution with Torch Applied Bitumens. Suitable for low temperatures, the range offers a tear resistant and water tight membrane for a variety of applications.

    Aquaproof 3 is a high quality, torch applied bituminous sheet waterproofing membrane with a non-woven spunbound polyester carrier

    • Excellent puncture resistance
    • Superior elongation
    • High tensile strength
    • Excellent adhesion
    • Ideal for use in basements, podiums, terraces and balconies

    Aquaproof 4M offers uniform thickness and excellent UV resistance, ideal for outdoor applications

    • High quality, slate mineral finished torch applied bituminous sheet waterproofing membrane
    • Non-woven spunbound polyester carrier
    • Excellent tensile strength
    • Superior elongation
    • Completely watertight
    • Ideal for use in roof-tops, podiums, terraces and balconies

    Negative Waterproofing from Pasco offers products that are easily applied and provide permanent waterproofing to a range of surfaces and projects. The range of Negative Waterproofing offer solutions for interior and exterior applications.

    CRYST-O-SEAL is a ready-for-use concentrated and high strength cement-based waterproofing slurry

    • Excellent waterproofing through crystallisation to both sides of the substrate
    • Blend of cements, graded quartz and active chemical constituents
    • Waterproofs against water ingress, dampness, ground water and hydrostatic pressure
    • Can be applied on both new and existing structures
    • Suitable for concrete, cement, plaster and cement brick surfaces

    CRYST-O-SEAL is ideal for applications in:

    • Foundations
    • Basements and tunnels
    • Retaining walls
    • Damns, ponds and pools
    • Sewage plants
    • Underground structures

    Vapour Lock is a water based, solvent free epoxy coating for concrete floors and walls

    • Ideal for interior floors with high moisture content
    • Provides a moisture barrier prior to laying carpet or vinyl
    • Excellent adhesion properties
    • Cleans up with water
    • Ease of application
    • Low maintenance and cost
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