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    RAPTOR® Davit & Needle Systems for access over balustrades, parapets, curtain walls

    Rope access is commonly required for building inspections and general maintenance of external facades, windows and equipment that cannot be accessed from a platform or enclosed safety system.

    RAPTOR® Rope Access Davits (OH500)

    RAPTOR® Rope Access Davits provide a safe and controlled system for rope access workers when maintaining building facades and equipment mounted on the external face of a structure. RAPTOR® Rope Access Davits are designed as cantilevered anchorage devices which extend over balustrades, parapets and curtain walls.

    RAPTOR® Rope Access Davits can withstand a 12kN rope access load, equivalent to a safe working load of 400kg, and are a single person use device. The SAYFA range of RAPTOR® Rope Access Davits conform to the requirements of Australian & New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 5532:2013, AS/NZS/ISO 22486, AS/NZS 1891.

    Depending on the structure, there are various mounting configurations available including wall, floor and concrete cast-in options.

    How do Davit Systems work?

    RAPTOR® Davit Systems consist of two primary modules, the davit base and the davit arm.

    In most cases, the davit bases connect to the primary structure of the building and are permanently mounted. The davit arms are located into the bases but are then moved from base to base to enable access to the different areas of the structure or facade.

    Additional capabilities

    Becoming more and more popular, is the inclusion of RAPTOR Rope Access Davits as a means to perform glass replacement. In most cases glass replacement is carried out with the use of cranes or BMUs however RAPTOR Rope Access Davits offer an efficient and much more cost effective alternative. 

    RAPTOR® Rope Access Needles (OH400)

    RAPTOR® Rope Access Needles are an Australian made product and designed as a rope access anchorage device where access over non load bearing parapets, balustrades and lightweight curtain walls is required. 

    RAPTOR Needles are designed to withstand a 12kN rope access load and have a serviceability load limit of 400kg. Each RAPTOR Needle can be used by a single operator at any one time. Needles work well on metal deck roofs where the load on the roof deck needs to be spread to avoid any damage to the roof area. As the RAPTOR Needle is modular in design, it can be configured in length, height and movement providing a fit for purpose solution based on the specific needs of the project.

    The ability of the Davits and Needles to extend over the existing structure ensures they can provide access around even the most fragile facade and, as there is no physical contact with it, there is no risk of the system causing any damage. 

    Additionally, they have few moving parts so unlike BMU’s (Building Maintenance Units) they require very little servicing and upkeep.

    It is important to note that as these systems are required to safely suspend a human life, they must only be used by a certified rope access operators.

    No compromise to your design aesthetic 

    An added benefit of incorporating RAPTOR® Rope Access Davits and/or RAPTOR® Rope Access Needles into any architectural specification and design where rope access is required on the facade or structure, is their minimal visual impact to the building. In many cases they are virtually undetectable at ground level.


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