KOMBI systems were installed by Knapp Australia to provide access to workers around large conveyor systems at the Australian Pharmaceutical Industries (API) distribution centre in Sydney.


API, the parent company of Priceline, Soul Pattinson, and Pharmacist Advice, engaged KNAPP Australia to design, build and install a large, automated racking and conveyor system at their new 32,506sqm distribution centre in Marsden Park.

With extensive conveyor systems in the new facility, API sought permanent access for their operators to move around freely and safely to conduct maintenance. Additionally, an access solution was sought for the considerable infrastructure and structural steel surrounding the complex layout as well as a conveyor system on the mezzanine level.

Given the need to resolve multiple challenges with one system, KOMBI was the perfect intralogistics choice for the API facility.


Featuring a lightweight, modular, and simple design, KOMBI systems allowed access up to, over and around the existing structures. The KOMBI Builda 3D design tool simplified the concept design process, allowing the engineers to build their own access solutions in real time.

Following several meetings between SAYFA and Knapp, the design was finalised and KOMBI elevated walkways and stairs, and conveyor access platforms were specified to achieve their access requirements.

The modular design of KOMBI proved to be a lifesaver given the multiple rounds of changes and last-minute adjustments. The lightweight systems manufactured from aluminium also simplified the installation process significantly, which wouldn’t have been possible with a steel system.

API drawing

Drawings produced at the conceptual stage by the KOMBI BUILDA greatly assisted with determining the correct system for the application

KOMBI - The Intralogistics Choice

Distribution centres typically employ a complex spread of conveyors and other machinery that require constant maintenance and oversight. Providing a safe environment for personnel to move around and do their job effectively is non-negotiable; if not addressed, this can result in significant downtime to operations and potential injury to workers.

Stairs, platforms and crossover systems are ideal for providing intralogistics solutions for these types of facilities; however, ensuring they fit in with existing systems can be labour-intensive and problematic. Traditional fully welded systems manufactured with incorrect measurements will not allow for on-site corrections and adjustments, resulting in challenging installations.

Being adjustable in design, KOMBI stairs and platform systems allow modifications to be easily done in situ and without the need for a total system redesign.

Proudly Australian owned and manufactured, KOMBI aluminium access stairs, platforms and walkways are always a perfect fit when lightweight, easy-to-install systems are required.

Project details

Project: Australian Pharmaceutical Industries (API), Marsden Park, NSW

Installer: Knapp Australia

Products: KOMBI Elevated Walkways and Stairs, Crossovers, Conveyor Access Platforms