RAPTOR rope access davits, RAPTOR rigid rail systems and KOMBI elevated walkways were specified for safe facade and roof access at the NEXTDC S3 data centre in Sydney.


Located in Artarmon, NEXTDC S3 is a new data centre facility offering companies over 20,000m² of space, as well as highly secure, native access to a range of cloud platforms.

An infrastructure of this scale needs to be safe and secure to be able to deliver dynamic and integral services to a wide range of businesses.

There were two distinct requirements in NEXTDC's brief: Access systems were required for regular maintenance of the glass facades, and designated walkways were needed for personnel to safely and easily access the rooftop plant and equipment.

Working in partnership with our Approved Installer, Karabiner Access, SAYFA Group designed and manufactured customised access and height safety systems, worth an approximate value of $200K.

Facade access systems

RAPTOR Rail 130 and RAPTOR rope access davits, designed to offer excellent user capabilities and extremely low visual impact, were specified for safe facade maintenance. The RAPTOR Rail 130 was powdercoated and matched to NEXTDC's specified colour. Cantilever brackets were also specially designed and manufactured to mount the systems.

Rooftop access systems

Data centre operations rely on environments that can maintain constant temperatures. At the NEXTDC S3 data centre facility, the machinery to produce this stable environment was installed on the roof and needed to be accessed by personnel regularly to ensure it functioned at optimum levels. The systems also had considerable pipework, electrical cabling and other assorted ducting, which could potentially create trip hazards, making navigation around the roofs dangerous.

KOMBI elevated walkways and stairs were designed by SAYFA's in-house engineering team. The KOMBI walkways were manufactured to a custom width and installed in situ without any hot works required. Modifications were easily carried out on-site using the patented KOMBI T-Bolt.

Manufacturing drawing

Manufacturing drawing showing KOMBI elevated walkway

Being involved in the project from an early stage ensured that any structural requirements or redesigns could be handled immediately rather than later, which could have caused lengthy delays.

Project details

Project: NEXTDC S3 Artarmon Data Centre

Installer: Karabiner Access

Products: RAPTOR Davit Systems, RAPTOR Rigid Rail Systems, KOMBI Access Systems