“It’s faster, it’s cheaper, it’s more sustainable, it aligns itself with our businesses core values. I think ultimately it’s a great product that the end user gets a lot of value out of”.
Jan Gyrn – MD Modscape 

What do our clients say? Watch this video to find out more.

HouseLab’s Digital Handover Kits solve problems for you on every residential handover you make, whether it’s a single home or a multi-residential development.

Benefits of HouseLab's Digital Handover Kits;

  1. Organises files of plans, permits, warranties, paint colours, contacts and much more
  2. Easy to set up and use, permanent, secure, simple to modify or share
  3. Includes systems to support defect management and periodic servicing
  4. Costs little, saves time and helps enhance your professional standing

See how your firm can benefit by shifting from hard-copy files to HouseLab’s Digital Handover Kits:

  1. Save time by accessing project information instantly from any device
  2. Save money by avoiding duplicating and handling hard-copy records
  3. Save worry as you know everyone has all the information they need
  4. Create a corporate archive of every project you handle
  5. Ongoing access is assured by Amazon Web Services – world’s number one

Test-drive a Personal HouseLab Project Kit totally free of charge or request a demonstration by calling Chris Rennie on 0417 116 771.

The kit can be accessed and modified simply, shared or downloaded. Upgrade to a Professional Kit any time for $100+GST once-only fee. 

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