Despite the use of technology to improve workflows and reduce costs during construction, the design and construction industry has struggled with improving the client experience. This is partly due to the lack of tools that specifically address common pain points associated with the handover and post-occupancy phase once construction ends. Architects, designers and builders are seeking technology-driven solutions that fill this gap.

Bridging the gap: Using technology to improve home handovers and defect management examines the causes of common issues faced by clients and stakeholders during the construction and handover phases of a project. The lack of consumer-friendly project management tools is discussed, followed by an analysis of the role of technology in home ownership and management. We also consider the impact of a negative customer experience on business reputation in the digital age. Finally, we present a revolutionary customer engagement solution aimed at making the process better for all stakeholders during handover and the ongoing management of a new home.

Focused on making the process better for all involved in building, renovating and managing homes, HouseLab closes the gap between the customer and the construction industry through secure document management, simple and transparent communication, and smart defect and warranty remediation. HouseLab is a customer engagement platform that offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface for architects, designers, developers, builders, real estate agencies, body corporates and homeowners alike.

Download this whitepaper and learn how technology can enhance customer engagement and reduce conflict during handover and post-occupancy.