“It’s faster, it’s cheaper, it’s more sustainable, it aligns itself with our businesses core values. I think ultimately it’s a great product that the end user gets a lot of value out of”.
Jan Gyrn – MD Modscape

HouseLab is causing a revolution in the residential world. An innovative service that’s for everyone involved in the design, construction and home management process that keeps all project and home-related information on a secure, online hub.

Benefits of HouseLab's Digital Handover Kits;

  1. Organises files of plans, permits, warranties, paint colours, contacts and much more. 
  2. Easy to set up and use, permanent, secure, simple to modify or share.
  3. Includes systems to support defect management and periodic servicing.
  4. Costs little, saves time and helps enhance your professional standing

HouseLab is the result of research with over 100 industry professionals. The consensus was that house handovers cost on average between $500 and $2000 per project. These costs are compounded by the fact that there often significant administrative costs that appear throughout post-occupancy including managing defects. 

Too often, new home owners were frustrated by their inability to solve seemingly simple issues like operating their oven or how to use their alarm code, and construction managers or architects were being taken away from their day-to-day job to resolve the issues.

HouseLab helps Nightingale1 move to a more sustainable handover model

Nightingale1 was looking for a sensible and sustainable approach to handing over 20 apartments. Nightingale’s ethos revolves around well-designed, sustainable and community-led building for owner-occupiers. This approach sat perfectly with HouseLab and reflects the belief that engagement with residents is one that extends beyond simply moving in. With Houselab, Nightingale residents have access to information on every product, fixture, fitting and surface detail in their home. In addition, the new homeowners were able to manage the defect process via the platform, allowing the architects, builders and residents to work within a centralised hub. It improved transparency, communication and, most importantly, trust.

Modscape praises our new cost-saving digital handover system. Watch video to find out more

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