The Kingsgrove Hotel in south-west Sydney has undergone a renovation of the post-1980 design to current modern standards with the help of ADIS Automatic Doors.Design of the new gaming area needed to incorporate frameless glass so as to allow the limited space of the room to be expanded by allowing more light in.

The solution was the Manito patch fitting system, which allowed the ADIS door track to be fitted directly on to the glass without visible frames for support. These structural brackets transfer weight on to the 15mm structural glass sidelight to ensure safe operation of the doors.

It revolutionises how entry screens can be minimised to a glass screen without the use of metal frames to support the door track.

ADIS Manito stainless steel patch fittings are used to support the ADIS NGF automatic door operator, allowing the door to work without visible support.

The ADIS zone sensors are used to activate the doors when someone goes to touch the door.

A seamless design of the low profile ADIS door track, supported by the structural toughened glass, allowed the hotel to achieve the desired effect of as much light as possible entering the space.

The games room has a large open feel to it even though it is a tight, confined space.  The auto-doors allow easy access through the area.