Available from ADIS Automatic Doors , AUTOSLIDE drive systems are an affordable range of door automation systems designed to convert manual sliding doors in homes into fully automatic doors.

The Australian designed, US patented DIY drive systems function as automatic sliding door openers and closers for homes. The doors will automatically close after a preset time delay.

Easy to install as an add-on product to existing manual sliding doors, the domestic door automation system can be fitted easily in less than an hour.

AUTOSLIDE drive systems consist of a motor device, electronic controller and low voltage DC power supply encased in an aluminium slim-line housing, available in black or white.

Existing sliding doors fitted with AUTOSLIDE drive systems can be opened easily via ‘power assist’ or by pushing a wireless button. Optional accessories such as remote controls, wireless infrared sensors and/or pet sensors can also be easily integrated into the system to operate doors.

The Pet Mode function allows pet owners to add on pet sensors that enable their pets to automatically let themselves in and out, eliminating the need for a designated pet door. 

Factory fitted with safety reverse function, AUTOSLIDE drive systems are convenient and practical solutions for many homeowners, especially the elderly, disabled, physically challenged and their families.