The Adelaide-based Ziptrak Pty Ltd presents a sophisticated range of outdoor blinds designed for simple operation.

Ziptrak’s clear PVC blinds and shade blinds meet the demand for an innovative and easy-to-use blind system that can be used all year round. Tony de Maaijer, designer and owner of Ziptrak blind systems explains that this demand comes from the Australian’s love for outdoor lifestyles.

Having taken the market by storm, Ziptrak’s clear PVC blinds and shade blinds are now fabricated and sold in every State across Australia through authorised dealers.

Specially designed tracks on both sides enable the blinds to lock into the tracks and glide smoothly when pushed up or down without any physical effort.

Key features of Ziptrak’s blind systems:
  • Available in Clear PVC or High-Tech Shade Cloth options
  • Easy to use, versatile, and environment-friendly
  • Can be motorised using a solar powered electric motor, SolarSmart specially designed for the Ziptrak system
Ziptrak blinds are exported to New Zealand, New Caledonia, Thailand and increasingly to Europe with plans for the US market.