Lead-free flashing from Wakaflex is a new generation of roof flashing that eliminates any risk of pollutants entering the home’s water system.
Wakaflex lead-free roof flashing offers clear benefits for the residents’ health, the environment as well as the tradesmen who install it. As against a weight of 10kg for one metre of lead, Wakaflex roof flashing weighs only 4.5kg for a whole 5m roll, making it much easier to move to site, install, trim to size and dress down without requiring any special tools.
Wakaflex lead-free roof flashing delivers several advantages in terms of installation, performance, economy and durability.
Key benefits of Wakaflex lead-free roof flashing:

  • Integrated butyl adhesive strips on the back prevent wind or water driven rain from getting underneath
  • Simple installation process from advances in material technology
  • Unique aluminium honeycomb insert easily stretches around tiles and roof contours to ensure watertight sealing
  • Main poly-isobutylene body chemically bonds to itself when overlapped, eliminating additional adhesives
  • Can be installed in 5m lengths, unlike lead which can only be laid in 1.5m lengths
  • Less material needed to flash the same area compared to lead