Choosing your roofing design and materials can be a daunting task – your roof is a key design feature but also plays a vital role in the protection of your home. If you are looking at roofing options, you want to consider both the aesthetic and functional properties when deciding between a steel roof and a tile roof.

We’re exploring seven key benefits a steel roof can offer if you’re weighing up roofing options for your next building project.

Modern design aesthetics

Often people think they’re limited to a corrugated profile when choosing steel – this isn’t the case. The versatility of steel means you’ll find an on-trend profile to suit any style of home. Our UniCote steel effortlessly integrates with a variety of popular roofing profiles, including dynamic Corrugated, sleek Concealed Deck, and the classic 5 Rib Trapezoidal styles, so you can tailor your roofing solution to the design aesthetic you want to achieve.

Steel roofing profiles

Extensive colour range

Beyond the profile of your roof, the colour options available for steel roofing products are extensive, so you can fully realise the design you’ve dreamed up for your home. You can choose a colour scheme that sits your home within the landscape or choose colours that stand out and make a statement.

Minimal maintenance

We all lead busy lives – roof maintenance isn’t something you want to have to add to the to-do list! Steel roofing is the definition of low maintenance, requiring minimal maintenance post-installation when compared with tile roofing.

Steel roofing also holds up better against the elements – the risks of water and wind damage are significantly lower, protecting the interior of your home in the event of wild weather.

Incredible performance

Our performance testing also covers scratch and impact resistance as well as QUV resistance – this means your UniCote steel roof will retain its finish, colour, and gloss. You can relax knowing that once your roof design has come to life, it’ll stay looking incredible for decades into the future.

Cost savings

When looking at a tile roof solution, you need to factor in the costs associated with ongoing maintenance and repairs for tile damage because of storms or harsh weather.

It’s also worth noting the weight disparity between steel and ceramic tiles. In Australia, the average tiled roof can weigh up to 7 tonnes while steel only weighs up to 1.5 tonnes. This means transport costs, particularly in regional areas, will be significantly higher for tiles.

Ultimately, a steel roofing solution will save you money in the long run.  

Environmental resilience

You want to have the flexibility to build wherever you choose – and there’s a steel roofing solution for any environment, whether bushland, suburban or coastal. Our UniCote Select product is the go-to for most building contexts; however, for those looking to build in harsher coastal environments, we recommend our UniCote Coastal steel solution. This product has been specifically designed for building projects located within 100-400 metres from the coastline. 

Manufacturing warranty

We understand the importance of investing in your home – that’s why our UniCote and MagnaFlow products are backed by Fletcher Building and offer warranties of up to 30 years.

When it comes to putting a roof over your head, you want to find the best-fit solution in terms of design flexibility, longevity, and cost. Steel roofing hits the mark on all fronts!

You can head to our website to learn more about Unicote Steel products and their suitability for your roofing needs.