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    Environmentally Friendly Bedding and Furniture By Tontine Fibres

    Tontine Fibres manufacture a variety of geotextiles, carpet underlay, furniture and bedding materials, all of which are made from recycled and recyclable fibres.

    Tontine Fibres supply a wide range of furniture and bedding materials to ensure quality, durable comfort.

    Benefits of Tontine Fibres' Bedding Materials
    Tontine Fibre's bedding, mattresses and furniture are designed for high levels of comfort. Some other benefits include:
    • Combination of fibres for maximum support
    • Continues to hold shape after long term use
    • Latest nanotechnology Ultra-Fresh™ensures hygiene
    • Environmentally safe
    Features of Tontine Fibres' Mattresses and Furniture
    Tontine bedding materials consist of individually blended fibres which work in combination with styling and surface fabric to create maximum comfort. They offer a large selection of fibres and blends including:
    • Functional resilient hollow core
    • Conjugate polyester fibres
    • Range of organic fibre blends such as wool, cashmere and silk
    Some other features of Tontine Fibres' materials include:
    • Carries weight without excessive distortion
    • Restores original shape after removal of body weight
    • Option for materials to be treated with anti-microbial and anti-fungal treatments
    Applications of Tontine Fibres' Bedding
    Tontine offer a range of Bedding and Furniture including:
    • Rolls and pads
    • Mattresses and mattress toppers
    • Bonded wadding
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