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    Effective Absorption and Thermal Resistance with Tontine™ Acoustisorb HVAC

    Tontine™ Acoustisorb HVAC is a bonded polyester insulation product manufactured in a range of grades designed to provide optimal acoustic absorption and thermal resistance. It is laminated either with medium/heavy perforated foil (for internal lining) or medium/heavy weight plain foil (for external lagging).

    Tontine Acoustisorb HVAC EXT is commonly used for external lagging of ductwork and in some instances used to lag pipes and tanks to provide a thermal rating in compliance with the BCA Section J.

    Acoustisorb HVAC INT is used for the internal lining of ductwork and provides acoustic absorption values over a broad frequency range designed to absorb mechanical noise from fans and chillers and other equipment. The Acoustisorb HVAC provides the adequate thermal performance required as per section J5.2 of the BCA.

    Tontine™ Insulation contains no formaldehyde, chemicals or harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and are 100% recyclable
    This differs from rockwool and glasswool insulation which contain phenol formaldehyde resins, preventing these products from being recycled. All Tontine™ Insulation products contain a minimum of 83% post-consumer recycled content and are certified by Eco-Specifier.

    Increases comfort levels
    Tontine™ Acoustic Insulation enhances user comfort by reducing unwanted noise by up to 75%. Less sound travel between rooms also ensures greater privacy.

    Product Stewardship
    Tontine™ Acoustic Insulation can be returned to manufacturer for recycling post-use. Clean off-cuts and packaging can also be recycled.

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