Around the world, offices are increasingly populated with health-conscious millennial workers. Health and wellbeing have become central aspects of the workplace, prompting designers to evaluate how the design and specification process can be leveraged to achieve elevated health outcomes.

In their new whitepaper, Working smarter, not harder: Improving workplace health & wellbeing through effective design, flooring experts Tarkett explore how carpet can help create healthful workplace experiences by enhancing wellbeing and indoor environmental quality.

The whitepaper begins by exploring why, precisely, the growth of the millennial workforce has led to the placement of greater emphasis on workplace wellbeing. It then examines each of the key factors driving wellbeing: indoor air quality, lighting, acoustics, and thermal comfort. To conclude, the whitepaper presents a number of high performance carpet products specifically designed to boost indoor air quality, lighting levels, and thermal comfort and manage workplace acoustics.

For over 130 years, Tarkett has led the global flooring industry in high quality, sustainable flooring solutions. Around the world, the company has earned a reputation for seamlessly combining functionality and style with a genuine commitment to improving occupant wellbeing. 

To learn how flooring can drive workplace wellbeing and significantly enhance indoor environmental quality, download  Improving workplace health & wellbeing through effective design.