Tarkett Australia presents IQ vinyl floors, a proven range of homogeneous vinyl flooring that ticks all the boxes for installations in public environments.

IQ , which stands for ‘Intelligent Quality’, offers several solutions for diverse public spaces and can be combined with acoustic, wet room and non slip vinyl flooring as well as floors with static dissipative properties. The IQ range offers functional benefits such as durability, stain resistance and installation flexibility without compromising design. The highly versatile vinyl flooring can also be installed on walls and even furniture.

PUR surface layer for even more durability

IQ floors have a PUR surface layer that sets a new standard for durability and stain resistance. This PUR layer provides market-leading protection against scratches and stains, even from chemicals used in hospitals and laboratory environments.

Low lifecycle cost

The IQ floor's superior performance allows you to save 30 per cent in maintenance costs, ensuring payback on investment in just three years. The simple cleaning regimen only requires plain water and mild detergent, eliminating the need for wax and polish.

Tarkett's IQ flooring can also be cost-effectively restored through regular dry polishing. The appearance of the floor can be maintained through dry polishing, which keeps the surface smooth and sealed to avoid dirt penetration. Dry polishing not only removes scratches, but also enables the floor to be reset to its original state throughout its lifetime – the iQ floor comes with a 20-year warranty.

Tarkett has developed a Life Cycle Cost Application (LCC) to calculate and compare cleaning and maintenance costs for a variety of flooring materials.

Sustainable flooring for healthier spaces

Tarkett’s IQ flooring is manufactured at the Ronneby production facility in Sweden where sustainability is part of the work culture.

Broad choice of patterns and colours

The IQ collection offers a generous design palette with 11 patterns and 257 different colours ranging from timeless classics to the latest trends. IQ homogeneous vinyl flooring opens up endless possibilities for designers and interior architects to interpret the material in innovative ways. At the 2018 Stockholm Furniture Fair, The Lookout installation, in collaboration with Note Design Studio, presented a whole new interpretation of IQ floors, revealing the great creative potential of the vinyl flooring collection. 

Simple installation

Designed for flexible application, Tarkett's IQ floors are simple to install. The wet room approved (VT floor) range can be easily installed around pipes and wiped down into the wells to ensure waterproof installation. There are 4mm multi-coloured and single coloured welding rods in various coordinated colours to match the IQ floors. The welding rods have high joint strength and are easy to keep clean.