SALTO Australia leads the sustainability drive with their latest innovation in contactless guest key cards for hospitality spaces.

Reduce plastic pollution one key card at a time.

SALTO’s new Eco Guest Key Cards offer a greener alternative to conventional single-use plastic key cards. Eco Guest Key Cards are made from recycled paper and wood materials, replacing the polluting plastic cards while helping hospitality businesses contribute to the circular economy with a sustainable option.

Open smart door locks with a clean conscience.

SALTO addresses the increasing awareness of sustainability with guest key cards made from recycled paper or FSC-certified wood fibre. This enables their customers, mainly in the hospitality business, to offer their guests a more environment-friendly stay.

The sustainable cards match traditional plastic guest key cards in durability; however, unlike plastic, bamboo and wood are renewable and biodegradable resources that produce no pollution. With zero plastic content, the cards are able to maintain 100% structural integrity. The quality, size, aesthetic appeal and durability of Eco Guest Key Cards are similar to plastic cards, with the additional benefit of offering hospitality businesses an environmentally sustainable choice.

“SALTO is committed to sustainability and we care about the environment. We have been an early adopter of emerging environmental initiatives that use more renewable resources and less paper, plastic, and fossil fuels in the access control industry,” said Aznar Sethna, SALTO Systems chief sales and marketing officer.

Similar to traditional plastic key cards, SALTO contactless guest key cards are embedded with an NXP MIFARE Ultralight C RFID chip that is fully compatible with SALTO smart locks.

SALTO’s new Eco Guest Key Cards

“Climate change is a threat that none of us can afford to ignore. SALTO’s sustainable card is a clear and decisive statement that the SALTO Hospitality industry is ready to take on this challenge. And that's only the beginning! Energy-efficient data management, the efficiency of cloud infrastructure, or IoT solutions to connect innovative SALTO products and services are all part of our Hospitality initiatives contributing to sustainability,” said Nora Urquiza, SALTO Hospitality global lead manager.

SALTO’s guest key cards are available in 4 different manufacturing materials including bamboo, cherry and black walnut, and the paper key cards can be branded with your own logo, so there is no excuse to use plastic anymore.