Floor tiles of any kind represent an opportunity to stamp one’s personal style in their home.

Marble flooring has always been associated with wealth and does lend an air of sophistication to any indoor environment. Being hard and durable, marble floor tiles are ideal for high traffic living rooms and hallways. But marble will look excellent in any room.

Marble floor tiles offer two choices – traditional and tumbled. Traditional marble flooring has a polished and shiny appearance, adding that extra bit of class to the overall look. Traditional marble floors are particularly recommended for the foyer or an entryway of the house. Tumbled marble flooring comes in light, milky tones and has a buffed and natural appearance, with an earthy finish. Tumbled marble floors are great for large areas such as family rooms or kitchens as they come in larger sizes.

Pros and cons of marble floor tiles


Factors supporting the choice of marble for homes include a great selection of colours; ability to get a polished look; slightly translucent quality allowing illumination in a room to penetrate the surface, giving off a rather striking effect; and eco-friendly and biodegradable qualities eliminating any pollution concerns at the end of its functional life.


While marble flooring has its advantages, homeowners also have to consider a few negatives before selecting this natural stone for their homes.

Marble is one of the more expensive kitchen flooring materials on the market. Polished marble can be a slipping hazard and is also relatively easy to scratch. Marble floors also stain easily; for instance, acidic materials in contact with a marble surface can cause a chemical reaction to occur, resulting in a visible stain. When used in kitchens, marble flooring is at risk of getting permanently stained with spills involving acidic liquids such as sauces and fruit juices. Additionally, marble flooring demands constant maintenance including a sealant application every 6 to 12 months. Lastly, if the marble floor needs to be replaced, it’s easier to install the new floor directly over the marble than trying to remove it.

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