With New Year practically around the corner, it’s time to get started on resolutions to renovate the family home.

Many Australians are choosing to refurbish their existing homes rather than relocate. A news report by News.com.au recently discussed results from St George Bank, which reveal that Gen Y is the keenest when it comes to revamping their homes this spring with nearly two-thirds in the 18- to 25-year segment planning on renovating their home in the next twelve months.

The younger generation is also most likely to take the DIY route with 68 per cent planning on completing their renovation programs with the help of family and friends.

RMS Natural Stone & Ceramics advises the DIY segment to consider the following before beginning their renovation plans:


Home renovations involving structural work, extensions or additions will require approval from the local council, which can take up to six months, or longer, so the renovation work will need to be planned well in advance. Planning, patience and persistence are key attributes of an experienced renovator – the approvals process will be the first lesson in all three of them.

More Planning

Homeowners intending to add an extension to an older home can either reproduce the detail of the original in the new extension or add something modern to provide a contrasting style. The usual practice is to retain the style and reproduce the line, windows, doors and door furniture so that the new addition looks like a natural extension without standing out. Those planning to replicate period style must do so very carefully.

Consult an expert

Consulting an expert during renovation is advised because it can save the homeowner thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs, say from a broken water pipe in a botched home job attempt. An expert’s advice is particularly important when the homeowner is considering using natural stone or ceramics anywhere in the design.

RMS Natural Stone and Ceramics

RMS Natural Stone & Ceramics advises homeowners to visit their showrooms to know more about the products they will be sourcing for their renovation so that they can visualise them and understand each product better.

Check out RMS’ great range of tiles and ceramics and get excellent assistance from their expert staff in finding the perfect stone for your project.