Homeowners typically begin to consider remodelling around the second-year anniversary of their home.

Once the homeowner is settled in completely in their new abode, they look to improvements they can make or add personal touches they couldn’t accomplish before moving in. Instead of struggling with the whole idea of remodelling, RMS Natural Stone & Ceramics suggests a few simple ways that one can dramatically change the look of their home without breaking the budget and even add reseller value.

Installing natural stone is a sure-fire solution for achieving design objectives as well as adding reseller value in a budget-friendly and practical way. A natural stone floor will not only add value to the property, but will also, unlike other flooring solutions, improve with age.

Marble tiles offer an effective and simple way to customise the home to personal tastes. However, when selecting marble for the home, one should know how to source high quality marble; find a wide range of marble options; see and touch the marble before buying; and also get expert advice about design and maintenance.

Visit RMS Natural Stone & Ceramics to know more about installing marble in your home so that you can make an informed choice about the right marble for your project. Marble tiles are commonly used in living rooms and bathrooms. RMS also recommends marble benchtops for bathrooms and marble flooring for hallways. Marble is a classic material that has an immediate impact, and creates an atmosphere of elegance wherever it is used.

Marble is available in a variety of colours from bright white to striking black, and can also be produced in a variety of finishes including the popular polished finish. Consider marble tiles for your home when you are in the mood for remodelling next.