As the demand for steel rises around the globe, the Australian construction industry remains one of the world’s highest consumers of steel. Steel corrosion and rust has a significant impact on the Australian economy, costing the country significant amounts in terms of downtime, replacement and expensive maintenance. Against this backdrop, designers and specifiers need to be aware of the benefits of galvanised steel and how powder coating technologies can further enhance its durability, longevity and aesthetics.

'Steel the show: Preventing oxidisation of galvanised steel with efficient specification' looks at how galvanisation can enhance the strength and appearance of steel and its potential downsides. It also addresses common misconceptions about the use of powder coatings on galvanised steel. A summary of the galvanisation process is included. This is followed by an examination of the risks associated with oxidisation and how they can be alleviated using carefully-specified coating systems. We also discuss the impact of corrosion on steel performance and the cost of corrosion on the economy. Finally, we present an advanced two-coat powder coating system that protects galvanised steel, while delivering high quality aesthetics.

A division of AkzoNobel, Interpon Powder Coatings is a leading provider of high quality, durable powder coatings for architectural use. The company’s genuine commitment to quality and performance is bolstered by its focus on sustainability and cost efficiency.

Download this whitepaper and see how careful specification of powder coatings can enhance the durability, longevity and appearance of galvanised steel.