SkyBlade HVLS (High Velocity Low Speed) fans utilising aircraft STOL technology are now available in Australia through Hurll Nu-Way Pty Ltd .

Manufactured in USA, SkyBlade fans deliver top efficiency to heating and cooling systems by reducing run time cycles, and improving overall comfort. Users can save money by operating heating and air conditioning systems less frequently, reducing the need for heating in the cold months through de-stratification of hot air pockets and increasing air velocity to assist air conditioning systems in warm months.

The STOL (short take-off and landing) technology is designed to provide maximum lift to aircraft for short field take-off and landings. This technology is incorporated within the design of SkyBlade’s airfoil, making the fans more efficient and aerodynamic while operating at full speed.

SkyBlade HVLS fans are ideal for warehouse/ manufacturing facilities; workout/ gym facilities; educational facilities; retail facilities; indoor arenas; places of worship; and auto dealerships.

SkyBlade fans are available in sizes 12” to 20”, and can efficiently cover areas from 1050m² to 2917m², delivering 20-30% savings in energy and a low carbon footprint, and creating return on investment in less than two years. 

SkyBlade fans can be easily installed in just a couple of hours, and cost a dollar a day on average to run each unit.