World-leading coatings manufacturer Hempel proudly launches Hempacore One 43600 and Hempafire Pro 315 passive fire protection (PFP) coatings in Australia. With global certifications, approvals and proven track records, Hempel’s PFP range provides the Australian construction industry with greater options for structural steel protection across a wide range of fire durations up to 120 minutes. Hempel’s PFP coatings provides effective fire-resistant solutions and excellent aesthetic results.

Hempacore One

Hempacore One 43600 is a single-component, solvent-borne, intumescent fire protection used in commercial and public buildings, stadiums, exhibition halls, airports and many other civil structures. Third-party certified in accordance with AS4100, Hempacore One provides efficient fire protection up to 120 minutes fire duration in cellulosic fire, optimised for 90 minutes.

Hempafire Pro 315

Hempafire Pro 315 is a single component, solvent-borne, intumescent coating for passive fire protection of structural steel against cellulosic fires. Also third-party certified in accordance with AS4100, it is optimized for 60 minutes and provides some additional protection for up to 90 minutes fire duration.


Hempacore One and Hempafire Pro 315 can be applied to all steel profile types, providing efficient fire protection for beams, columns, and hollow structural steel profiles, making it a versatile solution for both in-shop and on-site applications.

Specifiers have design and specification flexibility, thanks to its high level of finish and wide range of fire durations and steel sections types than can be protected. Both products dries to a smooth surface to provide excellent cosmetic finish to steel structures. Aesthetically, the visually attractive finish can be achieved without the need for a topcoat.

Hempacore One can be applied up to 1500 micron (60 mils), and Hempafire Pro 315 up to 1600 microns dry film thickness per coat, thus providing the required protection in less coats if needed.

An added advantage is Hempel’s flexibility to tailor-make a coating solutions to fit with any project, thanks to a broad range of primers and topcoats that are approved for use. Having a single source coatings supplier provides customer assurance and removes complexity in coatings compatibility.


Protection from corrosion, weather and fire is ensured by having a compatible system with the best primers, intumescent layers and topcoats. Hempacore One and Hempafire Pro 315 are developed to withstand a variety of climatic and exposure conditions and tested according to the rigorous requirements of international standards and third-party certifications, including CE marking, Certifire and ApplusFire. Durability is a key element, tested accordingly in different types of accelerated weather and corrosion tests, and assessed through real exposure tests in different locations around the world.


Developed for civil structures and designed for easy application, both Hempacore One and Hempafire Pro 315 goes on fast, allowing for many different steel sections to be covered in one coat. The easy and flexible application properties increases construction productivity and efficiency.

Due to its lower loadings, Hempafire Pro 315 delivers excellent fire protection with up to 20 per cent lower film thicknesses on average than similar products on the market, which significantly reduces drying times. As a result, coated steel section can be handled or overcoated sooner, reducing bottlenecks and increasing throughput and efficiency for off-site applications in the paint shop.

Hempel’s Group Product Manager, Cellulosic PFP, Roger Soler, says:

“Hempafire Pro 315 is quick and easy to apply offering significant efficiencies to applicators as well – whether in shop or on-site. Due to its lower loadings and thinner film thicknesses, Hempafire Pro 315 significantly reduces drying times improving paint shop efficiency.”

Hempacore One and Hempafire Pro 315 display proven technology and performance, with global certifications, approvals and proven track records from Europe, Middle East and Asia. 


Hempacore One and Hempafire Pro 315 helps to protect structural steel both inside and out including:

  • commercial and public buildings 
  • stadiums 
  • exhibition halls 
  • airports 
  • railway stations 
  • industrial halls

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