Groundfloor’s smart delivery solutions are playing a key role in helping Australian cities become clean, efficient, and better-designed. Streamlining the delivery and collection process for buildings across Australia, Groundfloor’s smart, contactless solutions are reducing traffic congestion and emissions while improving building efficiency. To date, Groundfloor has facilitated over 200,000 deliveries and collections and become the most trusted brand for specifiers, assets owners and property managers. 

Groundfloor smart delivery systems automate the management of deliveries for commercial, residential, and other developments. By ensuring successful delivery on the first attempt, Groundfloor reduces the number of redeliveries and car trips to the post office or depot. Couriers also deliver into buildings much faster, clearing loading bay congestion and foot traffic around the building. At scale, on-premises delivery solutions will have an enormous impact on the sustainability of the built environment.

The Groundfloor system combines Italian designed smart lockers with an award-winning user interface and managed software service. Unlike public locker banks, Groundfloor™ accepts deliveries from any courier company, including Australia Post, DHL, TOLL, and Couriers Please. Groundfloor was created specifically for Australia so the parcel lockers are designed to fit common Australian parcels sizes from post satchels to multiple cases of wine. Their locker towers also provide space and cost efficiency with the smallest footprint on the market.

Managing delivery volumes has been a growing challenge in the built environment, particularly for facility management and concierge teams. Traditionally, incoming packages are manually logged, stored anywhere possible, and recipients are individually notified. Even before the dramatic parcel volume increase that hit mid last year, some facility managers said they were spending up to four hours a day dealing with packages. With 85% of Australians shopping online, streamlining parcels and incoming deliveries affords tangible benefits to asset owners and managers.

Benefits include:

  • Lower operating costs – automating delivery management through direct courier deliveries reduces operating costs and frees onsite staff from the daily duties of parcel management. Couriers no longer need to use lifts and deliver floor to floor when systems are located in the ground floor lobby or outside. Eliminating thousands of courier trips through lifts and lobbies every year can lower building and lift maintenance costs.
  • Providing tenant amenity – providing a premium amenity differentiates the property through an automated concierge service for mail, parcels, dry cleaning and virtually all incoming deliveries. Customers value the convenience, privacy and security of the service and have come to expect tech-enabled, frictionless solutions at work and at home. Groundfloor is also integrated with many smart building platforms offering a seamless experience for property managers, building occupants, and couriers.
  • Contributing to sustainability goals – asset owners and operators are increasingly working to ‘green’ their buildings and the built environment. Smart delivery solutions at the premises provide a significant contribution to this goal.

Groundfloor has now extended their range of smart, contactless delivery lockers to include dry cleaning lockers, refrigerated lockers, as well as a solution for incoming and outgoing mail. Groundfloor also recently partnered with Project Products, suppliers of Mailsafe Mailboxes in VIC and SA. Mailsafe is Australia's largest producer of architectural mailboxes. 

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