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    At Geberit, we combine our passion for quality and technology with almost 150 years of sanitary knowledge to offer reliable products and services that truly make life easier for you. We offer innovative and sustainable plumbing solutions that help to gain additional living space and deliver hygiene and comfort to end users. We also assist you with proper planning, logistics, installation, onsite training and product maintenance to ensure the success of your projects.


    New Tone-in-Tone flush buttons for monochromatic bathroom designs
    Geberit introduces a designer range of flush buttons for concealed cisterns in bathrooms featuring on-trend ...
    Melbourne luxury apartment developers save substantially with Geberit
    Geberit plumbing fittings helped the developers of Marco Apartments in Melbourne CBD save about $876,000 from space ...
    Space saving Geberit fittings help developer gain 92sqm at iconic Brisbane apartments
    Two Geberit drainage products allowed the developer of a design-centric residential apartment tower in Brisbane ...
    Contemporary bathrooms in upscale Mooloolaba apartments feature Geberit fittings
    Geberit was the brand of choice for the developers of an upmarket residential property in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine ...
    New Geberit drainage innovation maximising usable space in high rise buildings
    Geberit SuperTube, a revolutionary space-saving drainage system for high-rise buildings was recently launched at ...
    Bathroom floorspace maximised with Geberit concealed cisterns
    Under counter concealed cisterns from Geberit were specified for a home in Sydney’s Queens Park during a renovation to ...
    Geberit Pluvia overcomes design challenges at Brisbane student accommodation
    Geberit Pluvia siphonic drainage system replaced the originally specified conventional drainage system to resolve ...
    Geberit concealed cisterns allow bathroom design freedom in multilevel Sydney home
    Geberit concealed cisterns were installed in all five bathrooms of a stunning new multilevel home positioned on an ...


    Geberit Design Meets Function and Know-How Installed
    Geberit Duofresh with Geberit Duofix - Functionality
    Geberit HyTronic - Functionality
    Geberit Duofix Delta Cistern 12 cm - Installation
    Geberit Duofix Sigma Cistern 12cm - Installation
    Geberit Actuator Plate Sigma50 with BlueCube - Functionality
    Geberit Sigma Cistern 12cm Filling Valve - Maintenance
    Remote Flush Type 70 & Hydraulic Servo Lifter- Functionality
    Geberit Sigma70 & Hydraulic Servo Lifter - Functionality
    50 Years Concealed Cistern Hotel
    Geberit Remote flush actuation Type70 - Functionality
    Geberit CleanLine - Functionality
    Geberit DuoFresh - Functionality
    Stripped Bathroom - Commercial
    Geberit Concealed Cistern Sigma 8cm (2016) - Maintenance
    Urinal hybrid trap in Geberit urinals - Functionality
    Urinal with self sustaining power supply - Functionality
    Urinal hybrid trap in third party urinals - Functionality
    Geberit actuator plates choice is important - Functionality
    Geberit Urinal system feature movie - Functionality
    Geberit Sigma8 Duofix Installation
    Geberit Omega Duofix Installation
    Geberit Omega Installation
    Geberit Bathroom Renovation
    Geberit Cistern and Button Selector - Sigma and Omega
    Geberit Remote Flush Button Inspiration
    Geberit Button Inspiration
    Geberit Sigma70 and Hydraulic Servo Lifter installation
    Geberit Sigma80 Button Functionality
    Geberit Sigma80 button installation
    Geberit Sigma60 button installation
    Geberit Omega Square Remote button with Hydraulic Servo Lifter functionality
    Geberit type10 Round Remote Button Furniture Installation
    Why Choose Geberit Siphonic Roof Rainage System Over Conventional
    Geberit Pluvia Installation
    Geberit HDPE Quality Test
    Geberit Pluvia Reference Project in Germany
    Geberit HyTronic 185/186 Sensor Taps
    Geberit Concealed Cistern Valve Service
    Geberit Sigma8 Installation
    Geberit Sigma 80 Installation
    Geberit Type10 Round Remote Button Concealed Installation
    Storing Geberit Sigma8 Cistern Kee Seals


    A concealed cistern is a toilet cistern that is installed either in the wall cavity, in a hob (vanity) ...

    Concealed cisterns are very popular due to the space saving advantages and the clean, streamlined look. There are also hygiene benefits ...

    A wall hung toilet pan is one that is attached to the wall instead of sitting on the floor. As its name suggests wall hung pans ...

    A back to wall pan is a floor standing pan that is pushed back to the wall with no gap.

    Access for any service or maintenance issues is through the flush plate. Pneumatic cisterns will be located within a remotely mounted position.

    A Pneumatic flush will give you a greater minimalistic look.

    1800 GEBERIT (1800 4323 748) is attended during office hours from 8am to 5pm Monday - Friday (excluding public holidays)...

    Geberit Duofix cistern frames are tested to support 400 kg static weight.

    Geberit products are available through a number of dedicated retailers nationally. You can find a list on the Geberit website ...

    The product number is located in the back of all Geberit concealed cisterns. The code will be in the following format: 123.456.78.9. ...

    The Geberit Sigma cisterns and Geberit Sigma Duofix frames are compatible with the Sigma plates. Bolero plates will also be compatible ...

    Geberit concealed cisterns are WELS approved to be paired with any approved manufacturers pan.

    All Geberit cisterns have Watermark and WELS approval. To find out more about certificates please ring 1800 GEBERIT (1800 4323748).

    Geberit is a Swiss brand established in 1874 by Caspar Gebert. Geberit is represented in over 100 countries world-wide.

    Recommended Retail Prices (RRP) are available on the Geberit website or contact your local plumbing supplier.

    Geberit is a wholesaler however plumbing suppliers can be found on the store locator on the Geberit website please click this link.

    The Sigma range - wall hung and back to wall cisterns - can be installed in-wall with a standard 90mm wall cavity for front flush activation. ...

    A qualified plumber is required to install your concealed cistern. We offer training and technical support for Plumbers ...

    We offer training and technical support for Plumbers who would like to learn more about the installation. ...

    There is no need to rip tiles from the wall as Geberit concealed cistern internals (valves) can be accessed through the “service opening” ...

    Contact the store that you purchased the product from with your invoice details and arrange for them to book a service call ...

    Turn the water off to the cistern. If the water still leaks, turn off your water mains. If your cistern valve is still in the warranty period (3 years) ...

    Many plumbing merchants and boutique bathroom stores carry Geberit spare parts. Look up a retailer close to your address online.

    Spare parts are available for 25 years after the last date of product manufacture.

    Contact the store that you purchased the product from and try to get a copy of the invoice.

    There are a number of service videos available to access and watch or download. Click on the service tab if that’s what you are looking for ...

    Never use aggressive cleaning agents that are abrasive or corrosive. All that is required to clean the flush plate effectively is a soft micro fibre cloth.

    Leave a message or write an email to

    Contact your supplier to raise the concern.

    10 years on the HDPE cistern and the Duofix frame, 3 years on the internal valves, 1 year on the valve washer from the date of manufacture.

    All Geberit flush plates come with a 3 year warranty.


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    Geberit Monolith

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