Timber veneer from the Eveneer collection by Elton Group was part of a refined selection of materials chosen for the Boutique Office fitout located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

Part of a community of small, vibrant, talented and professional design practices quietly making waves in the Australian design industry, Studio May is a partnership between Martine Bonich and Naomi Webster, both experienced interior designers with complementary backgrounds and years of project experience under their collective belts in Australia and abroad.

As a small firm, they are agile and present – service is personalised and hands-on across every step of the design and delivery journey.

Their Boutique Office fitout, a finalist for the AIDA awards is evidence of their passion, skill and expertise. This interior design project for a new venture client motivated the designers to explore a refined selection of authentic and tactile natural materials, imbuing a sense of quality, generosity, and professionalism.

The resulting materials palette is a restrained blend of natural stone, Even Walnut timber veneer and tan leather with warm neutral undertones for a timeless aesthetic: a hint of traditional with contemporary detailing, a refinement of texture and tonal sophistication sitting above style and trend.

Boutique Office

Studio May’s commitment goes beyond their clients, embracing a shared responsibility to specify products and work with businesses such as Elton Group that promote ethical and environmentally sustainable processes. The firm also actively supports young designers, paying it forward and acknowledging the mentoring and knowledge passed on to them.

Photography: Peter Clarke