PaperWall from Elton Group is a Group One fire rated, printed and embossed wood fibre surface designed to replicate a timber veneer surface. 

The latest addition to Elton Group’s collection, PaperWall’s wood fibre based paper surface replicates the patterning, grain and texture of timber and similar materials with unbeatable perfection.

This realistic surface is achieved through a combination of high definition printing and precision embossing, with the alignment between natural grain and texture creating a surface almost indistinguishable from the real thing.   

Similar to timber veneer, PaperWall is finished with a polyurethane polish.

PaperWall is sourced from well managed certified forests and is a rapidly renewable resource and FSC certified.

The Group One fire rating allows PaperWall to be used on walls and ceilings in all commercial and residential projects. PaperWall is also the perfect surface for spaces where real timber veneer is not possible or practical.