Following the recent announcement by the Victorian Government, all Victorian native hardwood sawlogs will cease to be available from January 1, 2024. However, many sawmills, including Australian Sustainable Hardwoods (ASH), have not received logs from Victoria since late-2022.

One hundred percent of Victorian-grown Victorian Ash/ Tasmanian Oak, Messmate, Silvertop Ash, Stringybark and Wormy Chestnut will cease to exist – unless we see a drastic change in policy. Those buying Tasmanian Oak or hardwood are also impacted as a significant volume of the supply chain sells Victorian-grown hardwoods under those trading names.

American Oak

American Oak, Iron Ash; Orbis Constructions, Sunhill

As a result, a significant change from these species is necessary for a large portion of the affected manufacturing supply chain. ASH is no exception. With reductions due to reach manufacturers starting November 2023, and accelerate month-on-month, ASH has been heavily researching and investing in possible solutions for the past six years to deliver the best possible replacement to meet market demand and needs.

We firmly believe Glacial Oak is the solution.

What is Glacial Oak?

After significant time and investment by ASH to research the best and most viable alternatives to Victorian hardwood, including a global study, we are confident to launch what we believe to be the best solution for the vast majority in our supply chain.

Glacial Oak is ASH’s brand of American Oak (Q. rubra) from a very specific, slow-growing region in Northern America. Handpicked by colour and grade, then milled in Heyfield to the quality and performance of timber expected from ASH, Glacial Oak is a stunning yet sustainable hardwood of vast availability.

Glacial Oak is now sold direct from ASH to Victorian manufacturers at the same price as Victorian Ash select grade.*

Why is Glacial Oak the best solution?

Be it quality, reliability, visual appeal, affordability, grading, sizing, price stability or compliance to Australian requirements, Glacial Oak ticks all the boxes. These features have made Victorian species so highly desired. With Glacial Oak, we’ve been able to match this value proposition.

American Oak, Iron Ash

American Oak, Iron Ash; Orbis Constructions, Sunhill

Glacial Oak offers an exceptional alternative that will meet your timber needs seamlessly. What makes Glacial Oak truly remarkable is its similarity to Victorian hardwood in terms of performance, colour, and supply. In fact, Glacial Oak surpasses Victorian Ash in aesthetics and workability. You can expect the same versatility, durability and timeless appeal that you’ve come to love – with added benefits.

Importantly, unlike most plantation hardwoods investigated, Glacial Oak exceeds the 650kg/m³ requirement for BAL-12.5 and BAL-19 compliance.

American Oak

American Oak, Beaumaris; Black Rock Builders

ASH's commitment to manufacturers

We understand the importance of pricing stability for Victorian businesses. To ensure a smooth transition, ASH is committed to supplying Victorian manufacturers with Glacial Oak at the same rate as Victorian Ash select grade*. Manufacturers can continue delivering outstanding products without compromising the bottom line*.

Furthermore, for Victorian manufacturers ASH has restructured the avenue-to-market to provide a direct line of supply. By bypassing intermediaries, ASH aims to streamline the process and pass on the cost savings directly to the manufacturer. This creates a reliable and efficient source of timber and helps us navigate a transition by working together.

Glacial Oak

Glacial Oak 

Our commitment to providing a seamless transition extends to our delivery method. Just like Victorian Ash, Glacial Oak packs are dimensionally straight and gauged to thickness – set-width, set-thickness, random length packs. We understand the importance of consistency and reliability in manufacturing, which is why we ensure that Glacial Oak meets these expectations every time.

Rest assured, ASH has invested heavily in stock, with thousands of packs ready for inspection. If you’re interested in exploring this transition to an arguably superior product at the same rate*, ASH invites you to contact our sales team who will provide you with all the information you need and even arrange a tour of our Heyfield (Victoria only) facility, where you can witness the quality and consistency of thousands of cubic metres of Glacial Oak firsthand.

*Statement is general in nature, relates to Victorian manufacturers only and relates to 38 & 50mm thicknesses.