It’s important for theme parks and water parks as well as tourism and leisure venues to provide secure, user friendly and easily accessible locker systems for their patrons to safely store their belongings.

If a patron’s belongings go missing, it can quickly become a negative experience for both the patron and venue operator.

Locker systems are a valued source of additional revenue for the theme and water park industry but can be a costly investment for the venue when it comes to installation and ongoing maintenance of the lockers.

Aussie Lockers offers the smart e-locker system, which are keyless electronic lockers that are built using state of the art technology in security and the use of smart software. All software operating the keyless electronic lockers is propriety owned and interfacing with current cashless systems that the venues use, can be accommodated.

The vandal and water resistant e-lockers are available in three different sizes and are manufactured to Australian standards ISO 9000. This will help to ensure there is a best fit for your venue requirements. The full colour touch screen provides the user with clear instructions in eight different languages. 

Aussie Lockers offers great value when comparing to other keyless electronic systems in the market, producing high return on purchase. But another option from Aussie Lockers is the cost free installation on profit share basis. This means there is no capital investment required by the venue and the ongoing maintenance costs are looked after by Aussie Lockers. The revenue producing smart e-locker system allows access via any coins, notes, wristbands or cashless cards.

Aussie Lockers’ strength is in their 24 hour, 7 days a week support service they provide either onsite or via the Internet. With each locker bank connected to the Internet, it allows the support team of professional technicians and engineers to access and monitor all control units online for greater efficiency in maintenance and trouble shooting. It also enables the implementation of software upgrades as required. This gives the venue confidence that they are providing their patrons with the highest level of service when it comes to safe and secure lockers.

A monthly email is sent to the venue to report on the revenue created and locker usage.

Depending on which option is best for your venue, Aussie Lockers will consult with you to ensure either a high return on purchase or an additional revenue stream is created with using the Hi-Tech Aussie Locker System.