Astec Paints Australasia supplies Epi-tec Gloss epoxy floor coatings, which are formulated from bis a phenyl and polyamide for application on high traffic concrete floors.

Supplied in two parts, these coatings are mixed at a ratio of 1:1 just prior to application, and are suitable for use on most correctly prepared concrete surfaces.

Epi-tec Gloss can be applied to new or existing surfaces in areas that include:

  • heavy Industrial flooring
  • commercial vehicle workshops
  • storage facilities
  • basement walls
  • manufacturing plants
  • food preparation areas
  • commercial laundries; and
  • food processing plants.
A water based formulation ensures that these epoxy floor coatings are easy to mix, apply and clean up, and provide a low odour environment during application.

Floors coated with Epi-tec Gloss are low maintenance, easy to keep clean and have excellent resistance to:

  • most chemicals
  • hydrostatic water pressure
  • abrasion; and
  • general wear from vehicle and human traffic.
Epi-tec Gloss epoxy floor coatings also exceed the chemical resistance of conventional solvent based epoxies, and so are suitable for use in areas that are solvent resistant.