Supplied by Astec Paints Australasia , Ure-plex waterproofing membranes are flexible and highly elastic, providing a waterproof seal for internal wet areas.

This single component polyurethane membrane creates an elastomeric waterproofing finish, while not bleeding through or staining porous overlaid materials such as marble or natural stone.

Providing strong resistance to chemicals, these waterproofing membranes are non re-emulsifying, and can be easily worked for instant application, with no mixing required.

Internal wet areas such as shower recesses and associated floors and walls can benefit from Ure-plex membranes, which can be used to waterproof a range of materials.

Ure-plex waterproofing membranes can be applied to:

  • concrete
  • cement render brick and block work
  • fibre reinforced cement sheeting
  • water resistant plasterboard; and
  • plywood or particleboard flooring.
Curing in 24 hours at 25ºC, this membrane will bond strongly and can be overlaid with ceramic or clay tiles, slate, stone and many other hard wearing floor surfaces.