Demand for products with a better environmental life cycle assessment has been growing for years across all building and design sectors. A study by PricewaterhouseCoopers found that 47% of respondents preferred products with traceable production and transparent origin, and 48% preferred to purchase from businesses with strong company values and commitment to doing the right thing. As the effects of climate change become more apparent, customers are holding companies accountable for their sustainability efforts, forcing manufacturers to look closely at how each aspect of their operations impacts people, the environment and the wider global community.

How Sustainability is Changing Cabinetry Hardware Fittings and Manufacturing: Hettich in Focus explores how the Australian manufacturing industry is evolving due to demands for sustainability. The paper provides an overview of the principles that inform sustainability strategies and discusses the factors that manufacturers need to consider. We then discuss how Hettich is translating sustainability goals into an actionable, long-term plan that spans across their entire operations.

The Hettich brand is synonymous with quality, innovation, reliability and customer focus the world over. Hettich's motto, "Act today, think of tomorrow", reflects the company's commitment to addressing environmental concerns on a daily basis at an individual employee level while delivering functional, high-quality solutions to customers. With 38 subsidiaries and production sites across three continents in America, Europe and Asia, over 7,400 members of Hettich’s staff take up the challenge of developing intelligent technology for cabinetry hardware solutions everyday.


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