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    Adjustable accessibility: Specifying adjustable kitchen and bathroom fittings under the Australian Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Design Standard

    The Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Design Standard is a comprehensive framework to designing for people with permanent and significant disability, one that all designers and specifiers in this space should familiarise themselves with. Download this whitepaper for a comprehensive overview of design options and features in specifying height-adjustable kitchen and bathroom fittings under the SDA Design Standard.

    An informed decision: Specifying textile composite flooring for educational applications

    Choice of flooring material is a key decision for specifiers and designers of educational spaces. Textile Composite Flooring is an ideal specification for these applications. It is durable, cost effective and frequently outperforms common hard surface floors such as PVC Flooring that can be found in many educational institutions. Download this whitepaper for a detailed look into the benefits of Textile Composite Flooring in educational applications.

    Pushing the boundaries: Transforming construction workflows for speed, quality and efficiency

    To navigate the current uncertain landscape, Australian design, engineering and construction firms need to find smarter ways to increase speed and productivity, and reduce costs across office and production workflows, without compromising on quality. Download this whitepaper to see how market-leading printing technology can overcome workflow inefficiencies caused by legacy systems.

    Hygiene and sustainability: Specifying sensor taps for a modern world

    Traditional manual tap systems have long been recognised as a key germ transmission point, facilitating the spread of bacteria through repeated physical contact by multiple people. Through innovative design and technology implementation, sensor tap systems can alleviate these issues, delivering excellent hygiene and water efficiency for modern spaces. Download this whitepaper to discover how sensor tap systems can deliver better hygiene and sustainability outcomes for your next project.

    Addressing the Australian water crisis: A guide to water efficiency and sustainability in bathroom design

    Design and construction professionals play a critical role in Australia’s future by implementing sustainable water management in building design. Bathroom design is an area that needs special focus. Download this whitepaper and learn how to choose water-efficient showerheads, toilets and taps to reduce the water footprint of your next project.

    Clean water, sanitation and hygiene: Designing for healthcare and aged-care environments

    Australia's ageing population is increasing pressure on healthcare and aged-care facilities. Due to an increased risk of infection by pathogenic microbes in healthcare and aged-care facilities, infection prevention by design and specification is imperative to elevated levels of health, hygiene and recovery. Learn about the benefits of specifying advanced water filtration and disinfection systems to improve health, hygiene and recovery levels.

    Productive workspaces & the benefit of intelligent ergonomic design

    Around the world, the relevance of productive workspaces in the domestic live/work market is heightened as we see a rise in remote working.The workspaces of today may be set in either commercial environments or domestic live/work settings and the need to maximise productivity remains key. Download this whitepaper to learn about the importance of intentional architectural design and construction for productive workspaces.

    Usability, style and safety: A specifier's guide to accessible shower screens

    Accessible design is especially important when it comes to bathrooms and shower screens are an area that require particular attention. To specify an inaccessible shower screen could potentially render the shower area inoperable by someone with a disability. Download this whitepaper for a detailed look at the considerations for designers and specifiers when specifying high quality accessible shower screens.

    Sustainable innovative & healthy: How the latest timber veneer technology is transforming interior design

    As the Australian Design and Construction sector continues to respond to new and increasingly complex challenges, the industry is turning to a new generation of innovative timber veneers products to meet them. In this whitepaper, we take a closer look at the current generation of timber veneers and explore how they respond these challenges.

    Surface protection: Specifying antimicrobial surfaces for healthier buildings

    In Australia, the death rate attributed to infectious diseases has increased, prompting design professionals to consider how building design can deliver enhanced levels of health and hygiene particularly in hospitals, aged-care facilities, and schools. Download this whitepaper for guidance on specifying hygienic surfaces for public areas and how they contribute to healthier, safer buildings.

    Driving positive educational outcomes through smart specification of interior acoustic solutions

    Due to its significant impact on learning, cognitive and behavioural development, the acoustic environment is now regarded internationally as one of the prime considerations in the design of new classroom facilities. Many Australian classrooms, however, are currently not up to standard. Download this whitepaper to find out how specification of high-performance interior acoustic solutions can create better learning outcomes for children.

    In the public interest: Solutions to maximise safety and visual appeal in public and urban spaces

    Drainage is a crucial issue that must be carefully addressed by designers and specifiers when designing public and urban spaces. Linear drainage systems provide an ideal balance between a contemporary aesthetic and the high performance that is required in public and urban space applications. Download this whitepaper to find out how linear drainage solutions can form a highly effective, safe, and visually pleasing stormwater management system in public spaces.

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