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    Making the old new again: Achieving fire performance in heritage projects

    In Australia, a growing number of older structures are being heritage listed. It has been predicted that an additional 5,000 places will be protected under heritage regulations across Australia by 2025. This poses a significant challenge for design and construction professionals, who must ensure that heritage-listed buildings comply with the increasingly stringent performance requirements under the National Construction Code (NCC) without compromising their historical values.

    Enhancing indoor air quality in schools with window automation

    With rising demand for new educational facilities across Australia, architects and specifiers must understand the design requirements involved. Window automation represents one simple method of enhancing indoor air quality without relying on mechanical ventilation and the related environmental consequences. To find out about window automation and how it can be utilised to enhance the quality of educational spaces, download this free whitepaper.

    Energy to burn: A specifier's guide to wood heater regulation and compliance

    The economic and environmental benefits of improved energy performance are changing the needs of homeowners. Specifiers are under increased pressure to identify heating solutions that meet modern design, efficiency and aesthetic requirements. Download this whitepaper to see how stringent efficiency and emissions requirements and current design trends change the way you specify wood heaters.

    Maximising natural light through effective glazing design

    To boost occupant health and wellbeing, design and construction professionals must create indoor spaces that provide strong connections with the outside world. Natural light can transform indoor environments by enhancing functionality, user comfort and aesthetics while reducing the dependence on artificial lighting. Download this whitepaper and learn how next generation daylighting solutions can help you create functional, healthy and sustainable indoor spaces.

    A specifier's guide to designing for small spaces

    The trend towards more compact footprints, observable in residential and commercial sectors alike, has introduced a specific set of challenges for architects and specifiers to meet. To find out more about these challenges and the design solutions best suited to tackle them, download the free whitepaper, A Specifier’s Guide to Designing for Small Spaces, via the link below.

    Building better bathrooms with customisation and care

    The challenge for designers, architects and specifiers is to balance aesthetics, safety, comfort and hygiene for all types of users, especially when designing essential spaces like the bathroom. Download this whitepaper and discover how careful specification and customisable fixtures can result in healthy, beautiful and functional bathroom spaces.

    The emergence of lightweight brick solutions

    Design and construction professionals are seeking innovative design solutions that deliver speed and efficiency without compromising on aesthetics, performance and quality. Brick rail systems enable all these characteristics, and facilitate outstanding designs in commercial environments. Download this whitepaper to see how brick rail systems are the ideal, cost-effective response to the design dilemmas posed by shrinking commercial spaces.

    The digitalisation of buildings and the creation of 'intelligent' infrastructure

    This whitepaper examines the digitalisation of buildings and ways in which the industry can create “intelligent” infrastructure that better serves the needs of those involved in its construction, management and occupation, as well as those of the environment.

    Answering nature's call: A specifier’s guide to sustainable toilet seat solutions

    Most bathroom products are selected based on price, without proper consideration of design, material content, functionality and durability. Through careful specification, the humble toilet seat can play a critical role in elevating the bathroom experience with respect to comfort, hygiene and sustainability. Download this whitepaper for an essential guide to choosing a high quality, eco-friendly toilet seat for any commercial or residential project.

    Building safe, fire resistant homes with clay masonry

    Residential builders are seeking cost effective, high-performing and fire resistant construction materials that enable full compliance with the National Construction Code. Clay masonry is a tried and tested solution that delivers on these requirements and more. Download this whitepaper and see why clay masonry remains an effective solution for building safe, high performing Australian homes.

    A specifier's guide to selecting automatic doors

    Automatic doors are a popular access solution across all industry sectors, from commercial high rises to multi-residential buildings. Considering the wide range of automatic door systems on the market, it is critical for specifiers to understand the key design considerations relevant to door system specification. Download this whitepaper for a specifier’s guide to selecting a high quality automatic door system that delivers safety, functionality, security and accessibility.

    Employing wood plastic composite technology for increased versatility

    Timber’s popularity as a finishing material is often in spite of its inherent limitations, related to both design flexibility and its physical properties. Wood plastic composite technology allows designers to achieve the natural appearance of timber without those limitations. To find out more about Wood Plastic Composites and how they can offer increased versatility in comparison with natural timber, download this free whitepaper.

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