Building a transportation network that is both efficient and sustainable is essential to supporting urban population growth. Cycling is generally considered the most sustainable, reliable, effective and efficient form of transport, which is why bike paths are a common feature of new roads and infrastructure projects. In order to prevent accidents and protect cyclists and pedestrians from falls and other safety hazards, designers and specifiers must be aware of the regulations pertaining to fencing and barriers on off-road and shared paths.

Bikesafe Barriers on Off-Road and Shared Paths: A Specifier’s Guide to Design and Compliance is your complete guide to bike barrier design on off-road and shared paths. In this whitepaper, we summarise the relevant requirements in the Austroads Guide to Road Design, AS 5100 “Bridge design” and the New Zealand Bridge Manual pertaining to bikesafe barriers in one easy-to-follow document.

Moddex Bikesafe Barriers ensure you protect cyclists, especially those travelling at speed, and eliminate or mitigate injury from falls. Bikesafe systems are quick and easy to install, with curved sections to flow with cycleways. Constructed from hot dip galvanised steel, the unique modular design of Bikesafe bike path guard rails provides maximum strength, cost efficiency and longevity.

  • The design of any barrier structure should be tailored to meet the needs of all path users, depending on the area, such as pedestrians, cyclists, children and the elderly.
  • Corrosion of barrier materials can have a significant impact on safety, causing barriers to fail prematurely or creating safety hazards for path users.

Download this whitepaper to learn about the design specifications for compliant bikeway barriers on off-road and shared paths.


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