mosaic building colours

A bright, colourful addition to the southern end of Sydney’s Sussex Street, Mosaic is a new mixed use residential and commercial building designed to make a statement in a precinct known for historic masonry warehouse buildings.

Design features

mosaic building exterior

The building’s facade is characterised by a mosaic of brightly-coloured angled window bays.

Not just an aesthetic feature, this element of the design has an environmental purpose. The window bays are angled to maximise natural light to the units, as the site is surrounded by tall buildings and has a limited northerly aspect.

Mosaic building interior light

The architects used parametric modelling to calculate the angles and direction of the sun at different times of the day, which determined the angle of the windows. The use of this technology makes possible a building that would have otherwise been inconceivable on this site.

The ‘mosaic’ effect of the building is supported through the use of coloured side panels that frame the windows and enhance the facets.

mosaic building masonry

Meanwhile, parametric geometry has been used on the masonry podium to reinforce the building’s relationship with its historic streetscape. Inside, the lobby incorporates large areas of off-form concrete to complement the masonry entryway, while the ceiling is made with back-lit glass to dramatically light up the space.