When Ku-ring-gai Council wanted to refurbish the Gordon Library, which was purpose built in 1992, it called for the creation of a dynamic and relaxing atmosphere between a café and a living room which has connected but distinct zones.

The Council also valued sustainability and social responsibility, and asked that the project utilise the most efficient use of resources.

Reflecting the locality’s abundant vegetation, Gordon Library’s interior connects to its architecture and surroundings.

Green in various shades is used by the Council’s corporate image and featured in some elements of the existing architecture, and so was a natural choice. Although the interior is multi coloured, the use of green, together with stylised vegetation designs on walls, carpets and furniture, anchor some of the main areas of the library – service desks, children’s area, meeting rooms, youth area, and under the central triangular skylight.

Playful floor designs and the strong use of colour also assist navigation, enhance existing architectural features and create a palette of spaces for every activity. Reusing and refurbishing furniture and materials send a strong sustainability message, while efficient planning and use of resources improve amenity and service delivery.

Key initiatives:

  • Sustainable products and suppliers
  • Recycling existing carpet as part of Interface re-entry programme, reusing and refurbishing tables, chairs, display units, workstations and all shelving.
  • Rationalised use of staff time/ expertise and resources
  • Streamlined processes and created new exposure to existing collections increasing lending/ use of materials

Photography by Cecilia Kugler