Luther Middle School stairs

The redevelopment of Luther College’s Middle School was designed with one key criteria in mind: crafting spaces to suit the school’s contemporary education practices. Specifically, the refurbished spaces and new learning landscapes were designed to place the individual student at the centre of learning.

Design response

Luther Middle School timber battens

The school’s materiality is a balance between old and new. The select introduction of new colours and materials reflects a variety of pedagogical spaces, complemented by less traditional elements of concrete flooring, bespoke timber seating and batten elements.

“Learning landscapes”

Classrooms or “learning landscapes” have been designed to increase students’ physical movement and social interaction.

Luther Middle School classroom

Spaces vary in their configuration and functionality to address students’ individual differences and personal preferences, supporting a greater range of possible teaching modes and learning approaches. For example, these spaces can collectively support presentations; seminars; individual and small group tasks; active, collaborative and problem-based approaches; and technology-enabled learning. The spaces also provide functional links to adjacent informal settings, extending the physical boundaries of learning spaces and enabling other forms of working.

Community hub

Luther Middle School interior space

A centralised community hub space has created a new social heart for the school. It provides a dynamic and socially vibrant collection of spaces within the building’s existing atrium area and beyond. The design concept reflects elements of community space and informal social environments.