Firms will need to consider clients’ employees and staff retention as businesses attempt to shore up staff retention as a cost saving means, a leading architect has claimed.

Hospitals and other major clients are now calling on their architects to help them solve the matter of staff retention, architect Ron Billard, director at Melbourne firm Billard Leece Partnership, said.

As hospitals and other clients consider the cost of losing trained staff, architects are being called in to alleviate unnecessary churn via design.

Architecture & Design reported last week that Billard Leece and other health project expert firms are being called in to help hospitals expedite patient recovery. But more than that, building design is being seen as a means to keep staff happy, and prevent them from leaving.

“Good design improves morale, which leads to staff retention. This is a big deal, and an expensive cost, in hospitals,” he said.

“People like working in good spaces. It’s the same thing that has come out of office spaces. Why are NAB and ANZ building new offices? Because they want better environments for their people to work in. The same applies to health.”