Texture and tone will play a pivotal role in emerging tile trends throughout 2013, according to Beaumont Tiles, with a preference to exciting translations of natural materials, unique textures, and airy shades expected to be seen.

The tile company believes products that successfully mimic the visual appeal of natural materials such as wood, stone, concrete, and marble will continue to dominate the market, proving more popular than the glass tile which has dominated the market in previous years.

Beaumont Tiles Strategic Designer and Buyer – Christie Wood says, “Advancements in technology over the past year are incredible, and for the first time products encapsulate a flawless translation of the materials they have been designed to imitate.”

Glass tiles have not lost their appeal however, proving to be the perfect choice for those wanting a vintage feel, or who wish to create a head-turning design feature.

“Glass tiles are being reinvented with new formats like faceted jewels and geometric shapes making them a stand out choice for making a statement.”

Tile selection has become about much more than just material selection with tile texture, depth and size becoming equally as important.

“You can never underestimate the importance of texture in bathroom design, it adds visual weight, creates space, and reflects light – the possibilities are endless with the right tile,” says Christie.

“We are also expecting to see lighter shades, especially grey and cream used prominently throughout all facets of bathroom design, however there are always tiles that surprise with oversized floral prints, or feature strips in a bright hue or rich chocolate brown,” says Christie.