Australian home builder Metricon have launched an online showcase of interior design ideas with detailed information.

 The company says the LookBook site is targeting browsers looking at building new Metricon homes, renovating, or who want to keep up with latest in interior design and style.

 Metricon interior designers share information and tips and hints, guide browsers through the latest interior themes.

Metricon’s general manager of marketing Yvonne Abood says the premise behind the site was to present an online inspiration destination that “covers it all from being inspired by the latest styling trends from around the world to selecting bricks, roof tiles, paint colours, bench tops and carpets and best you can see all of these themes across Metricon displays”.

Users can explore themes, customise their space or experiment with finishing touches and save their selections as they go.

“LookBook showcases beautiful inspirational design and styling but crucially features looks that are accessible and driven by the Australian lifestyle. Given that we have been designing and building stylish, award winning homes for Australians for more than 35 years we can offer great design insight and advice on the resources to help you create a beautiful home and the tips on how to do it right,” Abood says.