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    News Archive for October 2008

    Thermonet ‘twin’ underfloor heating mats - quick and simple to install

    Thermonet Underfloor Heating installation can begin at the thermostat point and can end anywhere in the room.

    A need for a stable voluntary carbon sector

    Green-business alliance highlights the need to enable voluntary carbon action alongside CPRS targets.

    Bathrooms are now in the spotlight

    Water saving no longer means compromising on comfort, function or style.

    A new industry hub built with stylish architecture

    Welcome to Industry business hub at Gladstone Street, South Melbourne, a new project by MAB and Plus Architecture.

    1300 Ensuites 5 Star Portable Bathroom

    The 1300 Ensuites 5 Star Portable Bathroom, available from 1300 Ensuites Australia, is an Australian made trailer mounted portable bathroom ideal in the portable bathroom industry.

    SupaVOID Concrete Voidforming Systems

    BildaVoid Concrete Voidforming Systems have released the SupaVOID Concrete Voidforming Systems, a new addition to their existing range. The SupaVOID looks set to overcome the problems associated with premature collapse caused by excessive moisture.

    RTV silicone rubber available from Dalchem

    RTV silicone rubber is used extensively in applications where a self releasing and flexible mould material is required.

    High impact traffic doors available from DMF International

    DMF Traffic Doors cater for high levels of impact traffic.

    1 Watt in-ground LED fitting from Optic Fibre & LED Lighting Solutions

    Optic Fibre & LED Lighting Solutions’ in-ground ODL-003 fittings are comprised of 1 x high output 1 Watt LED and are suitable for a wide variety or applications such as path lighting, step lighting, deck lighting, column and wall up-lighting, etc.

    MDZ 1 Stainless Cabinet Handles from Madinoz

    Madinoz combine handcrafted tradition with modern technology, to provide a well-priced product range, which is refined to the smallest detail.

    Nullarbor Sustainable Timber enhance Eureka Tower’s Skydeck 88 observation deck

    Nullarbor Sustainable Timber have provided exquisite timbers to enhance Eureka Tower’s Skydeck 88 observation deck. The timbers feature at “The Edge”, the glass tube extending 3 metres out from the 88th floor of the Eureka Tower.

    Sanisplit macerator box with built-in macerator pump from Pump Factory

    The Sanisplit, available from Pump Factory, is a twin sectioned macerator box with a built-in macerator pump that automatically grinds and discharges water (up to 100°C), acid and grease water, body waste and toilet paper, originating from either the bathroom or the kitchen, through a small 32 or 40mm diameter pipe into the nearby sewer or soil stack.

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