Ever dreamed of designing your very own tiny house? With the digital age having seen a proliferation in apps and software to facilitate DIY projects of all scales, it’s easier than ever to design your own tiny house online.

Housing prices are on the rise, there are continual problems with urban density, and our impact on the environment is more noticeable than ever. In comes the tiny house, a design trend that has gained more and more momentum in recent years, with the potential to save the day.

Image: Shacky.co

What is a tiny house?

It is just like a normal house, but smaller. Tiny, tiny houses are designed with all the usual living amenities found in a ‘normal’-sized home, but designed and constructed in-line with contemporary minimalist trends. The result is a stylish home that saves money and makes optimal use of available space.

Designing a house can be a logistical nightmare, and designing a tiny house is no exception. Thankfully, there are a range of tiny house design software and tiny house design apps available to help you through the process.

1: Sketch up

Part of Google’s suite of software applications, Google SketchUp is perhaps the most versatile and comprehensive CAD platform out there. Free and equipped with easy-to-follow video tutorials, SketchUp offers virtually endless freedom in designing your own tiny house online.

2: Sweet home 3D

Sweet Home 3D is a free online interior design application. Aimed at those who wish to quickly design the interior of a project, this easy-to-use tool lets you place interior design elements onto a 2D plan, which then displays a 3D render. Sweet Home 3D can be used for a new project or to redesign an existing space. In either case, it is a good example of the tiny house design software readily available online.

3: Floorplanner.com

Floorplanner.com is robust and user-friendly online platform that lets you create stunning 3D renders of your space, and share them online. You can also access the plans other people have designed and shared, meaning there is no shortage of inspiration when it comes to designing your own tiny house.

Image: Floorplanner.com

Perhaps the best thing about tiny houses are the high levels of customisation they allow. With the above list, coupled with the countless other tiny house design software applications available online, there’s nothing stopping you from designing your very own tiny house today.