Contemporary building methods are in a state of permanent upheaval. New technologies and techniques emerge that replace the old, meaning that buildings can now be taller, larger, and more high-tech than ever before and delivered under tighter deadlines and budgets. However, these developments are for naught if the right materials aren’t selected for the job. No matter the material chosen, it must meet three key areas of demand to be suitable for today’s construction climate.

PGH Bricks & Pavers have released a new whitepaper addressing these three focus areas. Construction for a new age of buildings is in response to a rapidly evolving industry and aims to keep architects, designers, and specifiers up to date on considerations for material specification.

The whitepaper identifies each of the three focus points for material selection – the ability to build at heights, modularity, and design flexibility – and breaks down what each point means for industry professionals. By placing emphasis on the changing nature of construction in Australia and across the globe, importance is given to each of the three considerations equally to ensure decisions around material selection are made from a balanced and well-informed position.

The paper goes on to discuss Corium, exclusively distributed in Australia by PGH Bricks & Pavers. Corium combines the three crucial performance characteristics of suitability for construction at heights, modularity, and design flexibility. In doing so, PGH Bricks & Pavers have provided industry professionals with an ideal solution to the problems outlined in the whitepaper.

To find out more about key areas of consideration for material specification in the constantly evolving construction industry, download Construction for a new age of buildings.